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POLA Research Institute of Beauty and Culture

The Culture of Beauty

Tooth blackener / late Edo period, Japan

Cupid floral patch box (for artificial beauty spots) / 18th century, England

Since its opening in 1976, the POLA Research Institute of Beauty and Culture has conducted research in a wide range of makeup-related areas, including the history of makeup, customs in different periods, makeup methods, makeup tools, and attitudes to makeup from ancient to modern times, centering on Japan and Europe and with the keywords "makeup, women, and esthetic sense." Through this research, we have obtained about 6,500 makeup tools and accessories as well as 15,000 documents, which are valuable materials. We are sharing our research results with university research centers, individuals, and companies, and are disseminating information in society at large through publications, our website, and exhibitions.
In 2017, we supported an exhibition called "History of Costume from the Late 17th Century to Early 20th Century in France," which was held at the Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art (Nagoya, Aichi). We displayed early-modern European makeup tools, fans, hairdressing samples, and fashion plates from our collection. Moreover, we actively conduct surveys of the attitudes and lifestyles of women today. In 2017, we published four survey reports on our website, including "The Relationship between Cosmetics Information Gathering and Social Media." We also actively give lectures and teach at universities on the basis of insights gained from our research activities.

Facility overview

POLA Research Institute of Beauty and Culture, POLA Information Center for Cosmetics Culture
1F POLA Dai-2 Gotanda Building, 2-2-10 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0031
Phone: 03-3494-7250

Research Institute of Beauty and Culture