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Culture, Art, and Design

The POLA ORBIS Group believes that art has the power to solve problems, especially in this time said to be full of VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. We will make use of our knowledge of culture, art, and design fostered over the years to create enriched society.

Relationship between our business and providing value for society

The POLA ORBIS Group provides support for cultural activities.
As we shift to new values, we will provide value that colors society through the impact of art itself, and through our problem-solving skills as a unique and individualistic brand.

Recognized social issues and megatrends
An unpredictable era
Exploring and achieving happiness to match the times
Strengths of the POLA ORBIS Group
Multi-brand strategy
Artist network

Targets and results

  • Number of new brand experiences utilizing art
    2029 target 20@2020 results 14
  • Liberal art workshop participants
    2029 target 550,000@2020 results (2018–) cumulative total 3,852
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