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Creating Brands that Develop Sensitivity Increasing Brand Experiences

Creating Brands that Develop Sensitivity

The POLA ORBIS Group believes that collaborations with artists will enable us to create new visions of the world, improve the value of our brands and make them like no other, thereby drawing the interest of more people to the brands, so that they pick up the products and experience the brands more deeply.

Targets and Results Regarding Cooperation with Artists

Number of new brand experiences utilizing art
2029 target 2020 results
20 14

Initiatives Regarding Brands that Develop Sensitivity

POLA:Articulating brand message through power of art

POLA launched the sixth-generation B.A series in 2020. The@company drew on a proposal from floral artist Makoto@Azuma, who used X-ray photographs of plants to convey the B.A concept of "every woman has infinite possibilities," revealing hidden dimensions of beauty in life such as dense vein structure, buds ready to open and seeds of new life. This science-based artwork transcends what the eye can see and captures the essence of beauty beneath the surface, embodying the brand message of unlimited possibilities for product users.

Experience the ORBIS Brand world view at concept shops

In July 2020, ORBIS opened SKINCARE LOUNGE BY ORBIS, its first experience-specialized facility, in the Omotesando area of Tokyo.
The concept is "an experience for getting to know your skin and drawing out its natural power."
We want customers to get to know not only the product, but also themselves first. While helping customers to understand the condition of their skin and learn the correct skin care methods to draw out its natural beauty, we offer a variety of content including allowing customers to try products casually, offering reservation-only skin care treatments and workshop experiences available only to ORBIS app members.
The facility was designed together with Takram Design Engineering Director Hisato Ogata and MMA Inc. architect Momoko Kudo. In this space, completed with these trusted partners, we seek to come closer to and understand the daily life of the person and help them to comfortably draw out their own natural beauty, experiencing their own skin and other new discoveries.

Collaboration with Fashion Brand THREE

In 2020, THREE and FIVEISM~THREE opened VISIONARIUM THREE SHIBUYA at RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK. In commemoration of the opening, the store released collaboration items with HYKE and N.HOOLYWOOD. The themes of the collaboration are "exploration of materials" and "borderlessness". The items transcend genres, brands, and genders, and are instilled with their own particular attention to detail. At the VISIONARIUM THREE SHIBUYA store, we would like to create opportunities for fans of each brand to come together and learn about the appeal of each brand.

Dancers Express the Concept at FIVEISM~THREE

FIVEISM~THREE held the FUTURE MEMORY LAUNCH EVENT, an event that proposes a new form of self-expression by wearing a FIVEISM fragrance to convey the message that "No words are needed for communication," as instilled in THE TOUCHING FROM A DISTANCE FUTURE MEMORY, which was released in November 2020. Creative exhibitions were held, along with events where visitors could experience the scent of products while meditating. We also organized an Instgram live event with dancer ATSUSHI, to express the product concept and the world view of the brand.

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