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All-inclusive Human Resources

We utilize employee sensitivity, aesthetics, and awareness of issues in our management activities. The spirit of challenge rooted in individuality creates innovation, forms the Group's new business, and helps the Group to realize a corporate structure that is resistant to environmental changes.

Relationship between our business and providing value for society

The POLA ORBIS Group regards people as its most important asset. As individual employees we each take an interest in society, envisage the society we want to live in, and transform together with society. In this way, the Group can also continue to provide products and services to match the needs of the times.

Recognized social issues and megatrends
Decrease in the working population
Womenfs empowerment
Strengths of the POLA ORBIS Group
Foundation for women's empowerment
Human resources development through competencies

Targets and results

  • Ratio of female executives
    2029 target 30–50%@2020 results27.1 %
  • Ratio of women in managerial positions
    2029 target 50 % or more@2020 results 46.9%
  • Fill rate for management candidate positions
    2029 target 200 %@2020 results70%
  • Number of employees retiring due to health reasons
    2029 target 0@2020 result Not disclosed
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