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Health Management

POLA ORBIS Group Health Management Policy

Recognizing that health is an important source for developing and making effective use of diverse individuality and sensitivity, which are emphasized under the Group Philosophy, in 2017, the POLA ORBIS Group formulated the Group Health and Productivity Management Declaration, through a resolution by its Board of Directors.

POLA ORBIS Group Health Management Declaration

Health within the POLA ORBIS Group is intricately connected to a history dating back to POLA's earliest days, reflecting enduring efforts to form a close connection to our customers and to think about products and services from the customer's perspective, and health is essentially a starting point for sensitizing the world to beauty and constantly creating new value for the future.
It is possible for each and every employee to lead a full and colorful life, showing thoughtful consideration of others while still keeping a be-true-to-yourself attitude, because of good health.
The Group's philosophy and the health of employees are so tightly intertwined that POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS has made the physical and emotional health of employees throughout the POLA ORBIS Group a management priority. Going forward, the Company will strive to create an environment that supports good health for employees as well as their families.

POLA ORBIS Group Health Management System

We promote health management across the entire Group. For this purpose, we have established a team to promote it with the Director in Charge of HR at its head. The team works together with the Health Insurance Association and each company's personnel affairs department. The Group Health Management Center manages employees' health information in a centralized manner and provides them with health support as a part of occupational health initiatives. In addition, the planning and consideration of initiatives, and the evaluation and improvement of health management activities are carried out by the Group Health Management Project Promotion Committee, which is made up of personnel affairs managers and occupational health staff from Group companies, among other members. We prepare a report once a year and deliver it to the Board of Directors.


Targets and Results Regarding Health

Number of employees retiring due to health reasons
2029 targets

Health and Productivity Management

POLA ORBIS Holdings and Group companies were recognized under the 2021 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (large enterprise category). This certification system was created by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to recognize corporations of all sizes that practice particularly outstanding health management based on initiatives focusing on regional health problems and initiatives to improve health as promoted by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Initiatives for Work-Life Balance

POLA Living with Cancer Program

POLA has launched a Living with Cancer Program for employees and their families, and around 35,000 Beauty Directors. It is said that currently one in two people in Japan will suffer from cancer. If we include those around them who support them, it is a disease that everyone must face up to. POLA faces firmly up to the realities of Living with Cancer, conducting various programs and creating a culture in which people recognize each other as irreplaceable.

Deepening understanding of cancer

In this program, participants understand that living with cancer is familiar, and learn deeply what is important for living life with cancer (early detection, treatment environment, concerns of patients and their families, and mental readiness). We have created a Living with Cancer program book (containing basic cancer-related knowledge and introducing activities, systems and mechanisms of fellow sufferers facing up to life with cancer) and a Living with Cancer site, and hold health seminars and study group sessions.

Enabling patients to face up to cancer with peace of mind

We support the reduction of mental care and anxiety factors so that patients can concentrate on treatment and nursing with peace of mind, in a relationship where each individual is recognized as irreplaceable.

Support for Beauty Directors

Comprehensive medical checkup assistance system equivalent to human dock (for Grand Owners*1), cancer screening assistance, treatment support money, appearance support assistance, return celebration (POLA welfare mutual aid corporation members), qualification and allowance guarantee system

  • *1Grand Owner: an organization leader with monthly sales of at least \10 million
Support for employees

Shorter working hours for injuries and illnesses, comeback system from injury or illness-related retirement, hourly paid leave system, flextime system, introduction of work anywhere (telework), nursing care-related system (for nursing of family members), relaxation of criteria for granting leave after a leave of absence for injury or illness

Learning with an emphasis on experience

We consider the experience of facing cancer itself to be valuable, and strive to develop a culture in which the entire company can understand and share that experience. We do not keep that experience within the company, but also communicate it to wider society. We engage in activities to support cancer patients and disseminate information in cooperation with NPOs and various other organizations. We also back up volunteer activities for Beauty Directors and employees who have experienced cancer. In 2019, the Group participated in the Relay for Life as a national sponsor. We have publish a book (supervised by the Japan Cancer Society) aimed at raising awareness of cancer screening, and are working to communicate our understanding of cancer screening to society at large.

Main Health Management Initiatives

The Group's health and productivity management activities contribute to ensuring a stable long-term human resources base and maximizing the motivation and individuality of each employee based on the concept of a Declaration of Health and Productivity Management.
In order to achieve these objectives, we have set medium and long-term target indicators (engagement indicators, presenteeism indicators and various outcome indicators, etc.) for up until 2023, and are determining target indicators (output indicators and performance indicators) for annual activities, and for each activity.
Based on the above, the Group is working primarily on the following areas in particular.

Support for Women's Health and Improving Health Literacy

Many women are engaged in active roles within the Group. The Group is focused on supporting women's health and improving literacy throughout the organization as a whole. In annual health checks, almost 80% of female employees undergo gynecological examinations, as a result of the Group's enhanced subsidization / support for gynecological examinations. The Group Health Management Center has appointed industrial doctors and regular physicians attached to gynecology departments, with a system that enables employees nationwide to consult in a familiar manner regarding diseases and symptoms specific to women, and has introduced online interviews and an e-mail consultation desk dedicated to gynecology, so that employees nationwide can consult casually.
In order to create an environment where each employee can maintain their physical and mental health and work comfortably, we will proceed to further drive activities to enhance literacy with regard to women's health throughout the organization, such as by holding interactive events and seminars on the theme of women's health, and launching Wellness Cafe Channel–a video channel dedicated to health and productivity management–as of 2020.

Promotion of Measures Against Passive Smoking and Support for Quitting Smoking

In order to realize a smoke-free work environment with the aim of ensuring healthy, enriched lifestyles and a beautiful future for each employee, the Group has established a policy of completely prohibiting smoking indoors and during working hours, and is engaged in activities to improve its office environments and raise awareness about smoking and passive smoking. We will achieve the above policy by 2023. In addition to improving our working environments, we will also actively promote support for helping smokers to quit smoking, in cooperation with the Health Insurance Union, aiming to achieve a smoking rate of 5.6% or less by 2029.

  2023 2026 2029
Smoking rate 11.5% 8.0% 5.6%
  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Smoking rate 21.5% 20.0% 18.3% 17.9% 16.2% 15.7%

Enhancing Measures Based on Health Checks

Maintaining employee health is essential for long-term growth and stable operation of the organization. The Group centrally manages employee health check data, and the Group Health Management Center implements post-check measures across the board, based on uniform risk assessment standards. (*Some business locations excluded) For employees with particularly high health risks, we conduct face-to-face or online interviews with our industrial doctors and regular physicians, provide health guidance from public health nurses, etc., encourage employees to visit medical institutions before conditions become serious, and support early-stage treatment and improvement of lifestyle habits.As a result, the response rate for post-examination measures after medical checks of high-risk patients (percentage of those patients undergoing examinations at medical institutions) has risen to 70%, and we aim to reach 100% in the future.

Responding to the Risk of Mental Health Disorders

As a result of rapid changes in work styles and lifestyles due to COVID-19, the risk of mental health disorders is growing, and the Group is focused on prevention and early-stage response to mental health disorders. In terms of environmental aspects, we have established both internal and external consultation desks. Since 2018, we have posted specialized psychological staff at the Group Health Management Center to provide support for improvement while working closely with people with mental disorders. Additionally, in order to prevent such disorders, we work to improve the working environment, conduct regular line care training for management personnel, and provide information on self-care via the Group Health Management Center.

Posting of Specialized Psychological Staff

Clinical psychologists, mental health workers and other specialized staff with advanced expertise and experience are posted at the Group's Health Management Center. These staff respond to various situations, such as when employees make requests regarding mental health disorders or anxieties, conducting counseling interviews when high stress is identified based on stress checks, and assessment interviews when employees return to work after leave from mental health disorders.

External Consultation Desk (EAP Service)

We have set up an external self-care service desk for mental health disorders that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with professional staff responding on a fully anonymous basis.

Promotion of Group-Wide Health Enhancement Activities

The Group holds regular events where people can face up to their health issues and engage in healthy behavior. Our annual walking event receives many entries from both individuals and teams, who compete for rankings during the event period. In 2021, we are making make donations based on criteria such as the number of steps taken by participants.
With the widespread increase in the number of people working from home (telecommuting) and the decrease in opportunities for exercise, we are also promoting the establishment of healthy exercise habits by steaming online training videos.

At business locations with employee cafeterias, we provide healthy menus to help improve employee health through healthy dietary lifestyles. A representative menu item is TABLE FOR TWO (TFT), which has been offered continuously since fall 2007. TFT is a social contribution movement originating from Japan, which simultaneously addresses hunger in developing countries and obesity and lifestyle-related diseases in developed countries, where 20 yen per meal is donated to children in Africa and other countries when ordering healthy menu items. In accordance with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese People, calories are set at around 730 kcal (680–800 kcal), with appropriate nutritional balance and generous amounts of vegetables.

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