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The POLA ORBIS Group's Environmental Policy

  1. To strive to reduce the burden on the environment through our Product Life Cycles
  2. To set environmental goals, to strive to continuously improve these goals to the extent that is technologically and economically possible, and to prevent environmental pollution
  3. To strive for environmentally friendly product development, resource conservation at offices, low energy use, and the control of waste in order to preserve and improve the environment
  4. To follow laws, local ordinances, agreements, and self-imposed standards related to the environment
  5. To strive for cohabitation with the region and society, and to promote activities to preserve and improve the environment

Environmental Policy with regard to Business Partners

The POLA ORBIS Group's CSR Procurement Guidelines ask all suppliers to improve efficiency of energy and resource usage, reduce CO2 emission volumes, water usage and waste output, reduce environmental impact, including response to environmental pollution, and protect the environment, including ecosystems. We check CO2 emission volumes, water usage, waste output and environmental pollution for all our business partners through CSR procurement questionnaires based on the CSR procurement guidelines.

Relationship between our business and providing value for society

The POLA ORBIS Group will continue to value the global environment that surrounds us, which fosters aesthetic awareness and enriches sensitivity.
Moving forward, the Group will continue to reduce environmental impact throughout the supply chain through R&D capabilities and collaboration with customers in direct selling. We also aim to reduce environmental impact while at the same time achieving a balance with the beauty of our products and services.

Recognized social issues Mega trends
Global warming (climate change)
Depletion of resources
Extinction risks to animal and plant life
Strengths of the POLA ORBIS Group
Research and development capabilities
Direct selling

Targets and results

  • Reducing CO2 emissions
    2029 target Scope 1 and 2 (2019 total CO2 emissions) 42% reduction
    2020 result 9,600 t-CO2 17.7% reduction
    2029 target Scope 3 (2019 total CO2 emissions) 30% reduction
    2020 result 388,685t-CO2 45% reduction
  • Reducing Water Usage
    2029 target (2019 usage intensity / unit sales) 26% reduction
    2020 result (136.270m3) 65.2m3 / 100 million yen
  • Reducing Waste Output
    2029 target (2015 output intensity / unit sales) 26% reduction
    2020 result (1,464.9m3) 0.59t / 100 million yen
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