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Environment Communication and Education

Start of a Woodland Reclamation Project to Connect People and the Mountain

In January 2011, ORBIS established the Koshu Woodland Development Promotion Council and concluded a Forest Development Agreement together with Koshu City and OISCA. In April 2012, about 100 hectares of municipal forest in Koshu, Yamanashi was named the Koshu City ORBIS Forest, and a project was started for ORBIS employees to reclaim and develop the deserted forest over a period of 10 years.
The final goal of this project is not simply preserving the forest, but also reclaiming the vast area for people to gather and enjoy nature. The project has also developed into activities for connecting the local community with ORBIS, including the installation of benches at the JR Enzan Station in Yamanashi in 2017, made from timber collected during the reclamation project.

Tree Planting Day, an Environment Day for Our Employees

Tree Planting Day

Jurlique has earnestly and consistently engaged with nature to provide skin products full of nature's bounty. The brand started out from the company plantation and we have continued to adhere to biodynamic and organic agriculture since our founding in 1985. We have held Tree Planting Day annually since 2012 so that each and every one of our employees can have a shared understanding of the value of our plantation and the preciousness of nature. Every year, about 170 employees plant new trees and see the growth of those planted in previous years, allowing them to return to the starting point of our business, have a change of pace, and increase their motivation.
We have also been holding Tree Maintenance Activities since 2016. Volunteers gather at the farm before work hours to weed and water, thus protecting the trees planted on Tree Planting Day to promote their growth.

The Odawara Nature Experience Eco Tour by Brote Yokohama Takashimadai

All participants

All participants

Planting the flowers

Planting the flowers

Brote Yokohama Takashimadai, an apartment house owned by P.O. REAL ESTATE INC., held the Odawara Nature Experience Eco Tour on July 30, 2016. This event is a natural environment event aiming to build a "good relationship between people and nature." It consists of a tour of the area from where the apartment house's trees were taken and lets the participants have while learning about ecology, experiencing the connection between the nature at home and the nature out in the wild.
The event has been organized annually by Hakone Ueki Landscape Construction Co., Ltd., who also take care of the house's trees and plants, since the apartment house opened, making this year's event the third one.
There were 51 participants, including 30 residents (14 children aged 1-16) and 4 staff from Hakone Ueki and P.O. REAL ESTATE.
On the day, the group walked around the Kunogawa River basin in Odawara, heard from a manager of the local mountain forest about the natural forest and its preservation, and learned about the preciousness and beauty of nature together with the children. They also planted flowers in the basin, contributing to the restoration of the woodland. The children's flowers will definitely be blooming beautifully come spring.