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POLA ORBIS Group Biodiversity Policy

POLA ORBIS Group continues to respect the precious blessings of nature and itself as a part of nature, while valuing the irreplaceable benefits that it offers, with a high sense of aesthetic awareness and consideration for the environment.
To this end, we continue to recognize the importance of biodiversity, and conduct business activities that pay care and consideration to creating environments in which various organisms can coexist. We strive to understand the relationship between business and biodiversity, and to reduce the impact of our business activities. The POLA ORBIS Group shares information on biodiversity, enlightens and educate all of its employees, and discloses this information to those outside the company.

Biodiversity Initiatives

ORBIS: Koshu City ORBIS Forest Undeveloped Mountain Forest Regeneration

In January 2011, ORBIS established the Koshu Woodland Development Promotion Council and entered into the Forest Development Agreement together with Koshu City and OISCA. In April 2012, about 100 hectares of municipal forest in Koshu, Yamanashi was named the Koshu City ORBIS Forest, and a project was started for ORBIS employees to reclaim and develop the deserted forest over a period of 10 years.
The final goal of this project is not to simply create a forest, but also to reclaim the vast area for people to gather and enjoy nature. In December 2018, the Government of Japan granted the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon to ORBIS for its environmental protection activities. In 2019, the area including the Koshu City ORBIS Forest was designated the Kobushi UNESCO Eco Park. ORBIS has continued these and other activities in Japan and other countries since 2002. Having developed into initiatives that connect ORBIS to local communities, those activities are attracting attention.

Jurlique : Tree Planting Day, an Environmental Event

Jurlique has earnestly and consistently engaged with nature to provide skin products full of nature's bounty. The brand started out from the company plantation and we have continued to adhere to biodynamic and organic agriculture since our founding in 1985. We have held Tree Planting Day annually since 2012 so that each and every one of our employees can have a shared understanding of the value of our plantation and the preciousness of nature. Every year, about 170 employees plant new trees and see the growth of those planted in previous years, allowing them to return to the starting point of our business, have a change of pace, and increase their motivation.
"Planting Day at Home" was held. In 2021, we marked the milestone 10th anniversary of the event. In commemoration of this, the Green Team is making various preparations to make the event even more special.

Palm Oil

POLA ORBIS Group Palm Oil Policy and Targets

POLA ORBIS Group uses palm oil as a raw ingredient for cosmetics. With the aim of conserving biodiversity in production areas and addressing human rights issues, the POLAR ORBIS Group will continue to obtain 100% certification, with the target of 2029, as well as increasing the ratio of certified palm oil by switching gradually from purchasing through Book & Claim to purchasing certified palm oil. The POLA ORBIS Group joined the RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) in October 2019.

The POLA ORBIS Group Sustainable Palm Oil Management System

Palm oil is managed centrally under the jurisdiction of the Chief CSR Office (director of POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS), with the Director of the CSR Secretariat (POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS) as supervisor and the Corporate Communications Office's Sustainability Management Team as the central office. Palm oil is also managed by the purchasing department of POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES' Fukuroi Factory, which engages in purchasing and manufacturing.

Sustainable Palm Oil Results

The POLA ORBIS Group obtained RSPO supply chain certification in January 2021. Since 2019, we have been purchasing by Book & Claim, purchasing 1,100t in 2019 and 1,900t in 2020. These figures are equivalent to the Group's annual palm oil usage.

Complaints Regarding Sustainable Palm Oil

Complaints are accepted by the POLA ORBIS Group Partner Hotline.
Zero complaints concerning palm oil were received in 2019 and 2020.

Education and Enlightenment Regarding Sustainable Palm Oil

The POLA ORBIS Group conducts e-learning on human rights issues, which includes learning about palm oil.
In addition, RSPO training is provided to employees handling certified palm oil and executives and members of the responsible managing departments. Participants learning about social issues relating to palm oil and how to handle it.

Collaboration with Stakeholders on Sustainable Palm Oil

c2018@Caux Round Table Japan

In 2018, Group representatives traveled to Malaysia for a stakeholder engagement program hosted by Caux Round Table Japan (CRT Japan), and engaged in dialogues at small palm oil plantations. We also deepened our understanding by participating in dialogues with RSPO representatives and other experts.

Paper Resouces

POLA ORBIS Group Paper Resources Policy

The POLA ORBIS Group will seek to reduce the amount of paper resources that it uses, and make use of sustainable paper when using paper. We will begin by switching to the use of paper that gives consideration to forest conservation for product packaging and catalogs.

Sustainable Paper Resources Initiatives

POLA's B.A brand uses forest certified paper for the external packaging (boxes) of its products. ORBIS also uses FSC-certified paper (paper certified as being made with wood from appropriately managed forests) for its catalogs.

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