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Environment: Supporting Biodiversity

Palm Oil Initiatives at Jurlique

In recent years, deforestation due to increased production of palm oil has caused serious problems. In particular, in Indonesia and Malaysia, due to vast deforestation, valuable habitats of endangered species such as elephants, tigers and orangutans have disappeared, territories of indigenous people have been destroyed, and the inhumane labour environment at plantations has become a social problem.
Although Jurlique does not use pure palm oil, Jurlique purchases palm oil-derived raw materials. Therefore, Jurlique has taken the following steps as initiatives for sustainable palm oil.
E40% of raw materials containing palm oil were replaced with sustainable raw materials.
EBecame a member of the RSPO ("Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil")*I in 2015
EProfits are returned to producers of sustainable palm oil through the RSPO PalmTrace until 100% of raw materials containing palm oil can be replaced with sustainable raw materials.
Going forward, Jurlique will continue to contribute to resolving the serious problems relating to palm oil, aiming to replace 100% of the raw materials containing palm oil used by Jurlique with sustainable raw materials

i In response to more and more voices all over the world calling for sustainable palm oil with minimal impact on the environment, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil was founded in 2004 centering on seven organizations, including the WWF. The goal is to promote the production and use of sustainable palm oil through the creation of globally recognized certification standards and the participation of stakeholders.

Environment Initiatives at Brote Yokohama Takashimadai by P.O. REAL ESTATE

At Brote Yokohama Takashimadai, an apartment house run by P.O. REAL ESTATE, 20% of the grounds are covered in greenery and efforts are made to create connections with the nearby natural environment for the purpose of restoring local vegetation and increasing biodiversity.
Also endorsing the "Yokohama b Plan", a regional environment initiative by Yokohoma City, we have conducted an ecological survey of the trees and plants within the premises and have recreated part of the vegetation along the Old Tokaido not far from the Group's birthplace of Shizuoka.
We are also contributing to ecological preservation and restoration by restoring thickets and installing birdbaths.

A Green Network

We are cultivating greenery that connects our local environments in endorsement of the principles of Yokohama's biodiversity action plan, the "Yokohama b Plan".

Ecological Survey

We surveyed the environment around the apartment house for the purpose of preserving and restoring the ecosystem. We will continue to monitor the area.

Restoring the Slope Forest

We are preserving and restoring the local ecosystem by restoring the slope forest consisting of native plants.

Ecosystem Preservation and Restoration

Based on the ecological survey, we are restoring the thickets centering on oak, which provides feed. We are installing birdbaths and otherwise creating an environment that can support diverse life.