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Supporting Biodiversity

Palm Oil Initiatives at POLA ORBIS Group

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In October 2019, the Polar Orbis Group joined RSPO* (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil).
In the future, we will consider switching to sustainable palm oil.
*Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
Palm oil, which is used as a cosmetic material, has become a social problem due to deforestation caused by increased production and the labor environment in plantations.
In 2018, we went to Malaysia through a stakeholder engagement program sponsored by the Japan Committee for Economic Persons, the Roundtable (Japan Committee for CRT), and held a dialogue with the Palm Oil Small-Scale Farm.
The following day, I took part in dialogues with experts in charge of the RSPO to deepen their understanding.

Bio Diversity Initiatives

P.O. REAL ESTATE Environment Initiatives at Brote Yokohama Takashimadai

At Brote Yokohama Takashimadai, an apartment house run by P.O. REAL ESTATE, 20% of the grounds are covered in greenery and efforts are made to create connections with the nearby natural environment for the purpose of restoring local vegetation and increasing biodiversity.
Also endorsing the "Yokohama b Plan", a regional environment initiative by Yokohoma City, we have conducted an ecological survey of the trees and plants within the premises and have recreated part of the vegetation along the Old Tokaido not far from the Group's birthplace of Shizuoka.
We are also contributing to ecological preservation and restoration by restoring thickets and installing birdbaths.

A Green Network

We are cultivating greenery that connects our local environments in endorsement of the principles of Yokohama's biodiversity action plan, the "Yokohama b Plan".

Ecological Survey

We surveyed the environment around the apartment house for the purpose of preserving and restoring the ecosystem. We will continue to monitor the area.

Restoring the Slope Forest

We are preserving and restoring the local ecosystem by restoring the slope forest consisting of native plants.

Ecosystem Preservation and Restoration

Based on the ecological survey, we are restoring the thickets centering on oak, which provides feed. We are installing birdbaths and otherwise creating an environment that can support diverse life.