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Environmental Policy

Our Policy

The POLA ORBIS Group's Environmental Policy

  1. To strive to reduce the burden on the environment through our Product Life Cycles
  2. To set environmental goals, to strive to continuously improve these goals to the extent that is technologically and economically possible, and to prevent environmental pollution
  3. To strive for environmentally friendly product development, resource conservation at offices, low energy use, and the control of waste in order to preserve and improve the environment
  4. To follow laws, local ordinances, agreements, and self-imposed standards related to the environment
  5. To strive for cohabitation with the region and society, and to promote activities to preserve and improve the environment

Our Organization

The POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS CSR Secretariat is at the core of the POLA ORBIS Group, with goals for the reduction of environmental burden created by each Group company to reduce environmental goals and to improve environmental problems. The details of these goals are reviewed and the goals are monitored by the Group CSR Committee, with the results reported to the Group Executive Committee.

Our Goals

Looking ahead to 2029 (the 100th anniversary of our founding), the POLA ORBIS Group strives to reduce CO2, amount of water used, and waste. We set a goal of a 26% (sales unit) reduction from 2017 to 2029, using 2015 as the basis for this goal, and this was authorized by the Group Executive Committee and is being worked on at each company. We will increase the scope of this goal to the procurement and distribution of materials, striving for environmentally-friendly product development. In 2018, CO2 output stood at 16,476.3 t, amount of waste was 1,494 t, and the amount of water used was 218,365 m3.



* Conventional standard values based on sales units
* From 2018, some non-calculated facilities (directly-operates stores, etc.) were estimated and added

Climate Change: Initiatives to Reduce CO2 Output

The POLA ORBIS Group strives to reduce CO2 output. We calculated the understanding of Scopes 1 and 2 and the CO2 output of Scope 3. For 2018, we obtained third party certification.

Output Trends

There is a trend towards high CO2 output during use of our sold products and for distributions, as the POLA ORBIS Group runs a business model where direct sales is a strength. Specifically, approximately 70% of ORBIS sales are mail-order sales, creating a problem in reducing CO2 output with distributions.

ORBIS: Initiatives to Reduce Redelivery

It is said that in recent years, 20% of deliveries are redeliveries, resulting in 420,000 t of CO2 just for redelivery. To reduce redeliveries, ORBIS has begun delivering some products to postboxes as opposed to parcel delivery services. As a result, redeliveries were reduced by approximately 23,000, leading to a reduction in approximately 14 t of CO2. (2018) Additionally, we created 5,000 proprietary delivery boxes, distributing them to volunteers from July 2019.

ORBIS Initiatives to Reduce CO2

ORBIS has maintained the desire to be an environmentally-conscious company since its founding, and has considered it necessary to work on environmentally-conscious problems with the EC process for delivering products directly to customers. Up until recently, we delivered even small-sized products through parcel delivery services depending on the price of the order, but we thought of trying to reduce redeliveries by changing to deliveries to postboxes for small products that can fit in mailboxes. Upon implementation, we were fearful that our customers would be less satisfied with a slower speed of product delivery, etc., but we have heard positive feedback, saying that products can be delivered even if not at home, and that it is good if these initiatives are helping to solve social problems, allowing us to change the delivery system without any real issues. ORBIS hopes to increase customer convenience and do good for the environment and society through reducing redelivery with future delivery box distribution to volunteers, etc.

Initiatives to Reduce Water Usage

We believe water to be a valuable resource, and have set the goal of reducing the amount of water used by 26% (as compared to the amount in 2015 based on sales units) by 2029. POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES is reducing the amount of water used in equipment washing through production planning to control assembly line changeover and through reducing the drainage of water per hour through improvements in drainage valves. Jurlique International reduced water usage by about 10% through burying a rainwater collection tank underground at their factory and using that water in bathrooms, etc.

Initiatives to Reduce Waste

The POLA ORBIS Group is working to reduce waste, with POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, the main producer in the Group, working to recover resources from all production waste products, achieving zero emissions in 2003. Additionally, they continue to work on creating value from and reducing the amount of industrial waste. The waste generated at factories is turned into a resource, being used for greening within the company.

Changes in Waste and Value Percentage (Fukuroi and Shizuoka Factories Combined)

Reducing Customers' Trash

POLA has been creating refillable containers, including the first refillable containers for high-end cosmetics, since 1985, working to reduce waste on the customer's end. Additionally, ORBIS has responded to the environment from early on by selling cosmetic refills since 1987 and by adopting simpler packaging with plastic bags since 1990. In 2018, ORBIS investigated the seven varieties of delivery boxes and looked into reducing packing material, resulting in a reduction of about 100 t of resources per year in terms of weight.

Jurlique: Container Collection

At Jurlique International, used cosmetics containers are collected at Australian stores. Through a partnership with Terracycle, the entire packaging can be recycled, even for parts that are typically difficult to recycle, including pumps and tubes. Additionally, we are also working to improve customers' environmental awareness by offering a 10% discount for customers who bring in empty containers. 25,000 containers, or 500 kg, were collected over four months from September 2018.
Jurlique has received high marks for its sustainable efforts for the environment, including awards given by the Australian government-run Australian Packaging Covenant for four years in a row.


ORBIS: Koshu City ORBIS Forest Undeveloped Mountain Forest Regeneration

In January 2011, ORBIS established the Koshu Woodland Development Promotion Council and entered into the Forest Development Agreement together with Koshu City and OISCA. In April 2012, about 100 hectares of municipal forest in Koshu, Yamanashi was named the Koshu City ORBIS Forest, and a project was started for ORBIS employees to reclaim and develop the deserted forest over a period of 10 years.
The final goal of this project is not to simply create a forest, but also to reclaim the vast area for people to gather and enjoy nature. ORBIS is gaining attention for such efforts that it has continued since 2012 and are developing into activities that connect the local communities in Japan and overseas with ORBIS, including receiving a Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon (Honorable Mention) in December 2018 from the Japanese government for its activities in environmental conservation.

Jurlique : Tree Planting Day, an Environmental Event

Jurlique has earnestly and consistently engaged with nature to provide skin products full of nature's bounty. The brand started out from the company plantation and we have continued to adhere to biodynamic and organic agriculture since our founding in 1985. We have held Tree Planting Day annually since 2012 so that each and every one of our employees can have a shared understanding of the value of our plantation and the preciousness of nature. Every year, about 170 employees plant new trees and see the growth of those planted in previous years, allowing them to return to the starting point of our business, have a change of pace, and increase their motivation.
We also held a Tree Planting Day at our Hong Kong office in 2018, and plan on holding subsequent events at other offices from 2019 onwards.