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Management of Chemical Substances

Initiatives for Managing Chemical Substances

The POLA ORBIS Group not only submits the administrative reports mandated under the PRTR Act (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Act), but are legally managing raw materials, reagents, and other chemical substances at our plants and laboratories. Moreover, we voluntarily enforce use and disposal control. In 2020, as in 2019, we handled and monitored the quantity of four chemical substances that are regulated under the PRTR Act (decanoic acid, dodecyl sodium sulfate, methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate, and sodium poly (oxyethylene) dodecyl ether sulfonate). In 2020, we plan to report that the quantities of these chemical substances that we handled were below the prescribed values. With regard to other chemical substances, too, we are driving reductions through environmental initiatives and efforts centered around the Health and Safety Committee's own activities, and implementing the management and operation of SDS. (ISO14001 certified) In addition, no product from the POLA ORBIS Group is subject to REACH regulations.

Environmental Preventive Preservation to Fight Air Pollution, etc.

The POLA ORBIS Group is curtailing gas emissions to prevent air pollution. We are also implementing measures to treat waste water and reduce noise, and are successfully keeping values below the references prescribed in laws relating to environmental preventive preservation.

Evaluating law observance *POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Fukuroi Plant

Measurement items Legal standard values (* Agreed value) Voluntary standard Measurement results Evaluation
First half of 2020 Second half of 2020
Boilers Particulate matter(g/Nm3) | 0.05 or less Below 0.05 Below 0.05 ›
Nitrogen oxide(ppm) | 100 or less 22 16 ›
Waste water treatment BOD(mg/L) *20 or less 18 or less Below 0.5 Below 0.5 ›
COD(mg/L) | 40 or less 3 2.1 ›
Other water quality standards Standards for 5 other items Standards for 5 other items Within standard Within standard ›
Drinking water Water supply Standards for 51 items Standards for 51 items Within standard Within standard ›
Wells Standards for 40 items Standards for 40 items Within standard Within standard ›
Noise DaytimeidBj 65 or less 65 or less 49 or less (November) ›
Nighttime(dB) 55 or less 55 or less 40 or less (November) ›
Vibrations Daytime(dB) 70 or less 70 or less Below 30 (November) ›
Nighttime(dB) 65 or less 65 or less Below 30 (November) ›

Periodically investigate environmental data such as wastewater treatment standards and confirm that they are within the standard values.
In addition, compliance evaluation of 64 items of 18 decree and confirmation of change of administrative notification of 34 items of 10 decree were carried out.

Response to Microplastic Beads

Taking into consideration the effects microplastic beads* have on the environment, the POLA ORBIS Group switched from these beads, used in face wash and more, all to an alternate material by 2018.

* Intentionally added to personal care products to exfoliate and clean the skin. These plastic beads are less than 5 mm in size and are made of synthetic, non-water soluble solid plastic.

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