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CSR Award

The POLA ORBIS Group CSR Awards were established to support the development of activities and pay homage to the efforts of organizations and individuals who are actively engaged in CSR activities on a day-to-day basis. In 2020, we received 59 applications and presented one President's Award, one Excellence Award, one Encouragement Award, and one Special Award. This year, too, we will continue to drive the sustainable growth of the Group together with stakeholders, with many examples of activities that respond to the needs of society through business activities.

ORBIS unmanned conveyance robot

FY2020 (14th) POLA ORBIS Group CSR Award Activities Report

Award received Award recipients Theme Reason for award
President's Award ORBIS
Introduction of unmanned conveyance robot and operation of new T-carry System shipping line encouraging automation ORBIS introduced the new T-Carry system featuring 330 compact AGVs at its shipping warehouse, and integrated the DECENCIA shipping line. The T-Carry System has increased shipping capacity by 1.3 times in comparison with the previous shipping line, reduced costs by 18% (shipping work costs per shipment), reduced power consumption by 40% (equivalent to 157,920kW per year), reduced CO2 emissions as a result of reducing power consumption, and responded to future labor shortages (i.e. cost increases) due to logistics crises.
Excellence Award POLA Formulation of POLA Sustainability Policy—Activities seeking to empower women and cancer patients In June 2020, POLA formulated a sustainability policy. The future that POLA aims for is defined as a society where everyone can live beautifully—a way of life in which people can believe in their own potential and the potential of society.
POLA will contribute to the transformation of social awareness by focusing on empowering women, and spreading this message to Japan and the world.
For those affected by cancer, which is said to affect one in every two people during their lives, head office and front-line sales personnel are working together to raise awareness and collect funds nationwide, and take appropriate action to contribute to understanding sufferers and improve their quality of life. These efforts have also been recognized externally (POLA was also awarded the Women's Body Conference (Karada Kaigi) Award 2020 and Gold Award at the Cancer Ally Awards.)
Encouragement Award POLA Museum of Art Transformation aiming to become a world-class art museum while coexisting with the natural environment and local community The "Monet and Matisse" exhibition was held after overcoming a temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The unprecedented combination of artists and their innovative themes attracted attention, with customer satisfaction reaching an all-time high. The open space created by expanding the promenade by 1.5 times is popular, enabling visitors to enjoy the natural surroundings of Hakone. In October 2020, the museum attracted 1.5 times as many visitors as usual. The award was presented in recognition of the museum—which is based on the coexistence of nature and art in Hakone—for its contribution to culture over a period of 18 years, as an indispensable presence in the local community, recognized for its unique nature conservation activities and beneficial economic effects on the surrounding area, with around 200,000 visitors per year (a cumulative total of 3.94 million people).
Effort Award All Group employees Response to business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic Amid the unprecedented conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, business personnel who cannot work from home—such as storefront staff, factory workers and building maintenance staff—have continued to work despite the health risks in order to ensure business continuity. The IT and human resources departments of each Group company have been diligently creating an environment in which everyone can work with peace of mind. The Special Award was presented in honor of the achievements of all employees who fought to ensure business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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