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Compliance Initiatives

Our Policy

The POLA ORBIS Group considers compliance to be events and actions that cannot be accepted based on laws concerning business, articles of association, various internal regulations, our Code of Conduct, and corporate ethics, and we work to prevent compliance infractions and the reoccurrence of such infractions.

POLA ORBIS Group Code of Conduct

In February 2017, the POLA ORBIS Group established the POLA ORBIS Group Code of Conduct, which prescribes the rules of conduct for practicing the new Group philosophy in "I. Actions to Sensitizing the World to Beauty" and such rules for self-control with a sense of international social ethics as a global corporate group, in addition to such rules for observing laws, regulations and in-house rules in "II. Actions to Grow as Individuals and Group." This Code of Conduct is made known to all Group employees, both in Japan and abroad.

Our Organization

The Group CSR Committee was established within the POLA ORBIS Group to expand and develop CSR activities (compliance, etc.) to the entire Group. The Group CSR Committee is headed by the POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS' CSR Head Director based on the POLA ORBIS Group's Group CSR Committee regulations, and is made up of directors from each Group company who join the Committee as CSR Promotion Officers. When necessary, Workplace Coordinators are appointed within each Group company, investigating and solving CSR problems. Additionally, the Committee is involved in education through holding lectures, e-learning courses, etc., so that employees can understand and be educated about CSR.


The POLA ORBIS Group strives for understanding and pervasion of compliance for all directors and employees in order to prevent compliance infractions.

Holding CSR Lectures

Target: All Group Directors and Employees (100% completion rate)
Term: Annual
Theme: Learning Focused on Key Themes
2017: The POLA ORBIS Group Code of Conduct
2018: Human Rights
2019: Working Style Reforms

Holding CSR e-Learning Courses

Target: All Group Directors and Employees
Term: Annual
Theme: Comprehensive Learning about Compliance and Sustainability
2018: Study Topics
Group Philosophy, SDGs, Human Rights, Accounting Fraud, Laws Related to Consumer Trouble, Personal Information, Information Security, Insider Trading, Gifts and Entertaining Guests, the Help Line, Health Management, Working Long Hours, Article 36, and Mental Health


Employee Survey

The POLA ORBIS Group conducts an employee survey to check the present state of all Group employees' job satisfaction and compliance observance and to find a course for improving related problems, aiming to constantly develop the Group philosophy and to maintain and improve corporate value. We also check to see if employees know the POLA ORBIS Group Code of Conduct, the basis for the survey. From the survey results, we establish tasks from each company, including "improving harassment," "decreasing overtime, improving work efficiency, and promoting the use of paid time off to realize a work-life balance," and "improving a sense of growth and strengthening support for career-building," and establish action plans to improve these problems, striving for improvement. In 2016, we began conducting the survey among overseas Group companies as well, establishing action plans in the same way as for Japanese Group companies.