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Internal Reporting System (Help Line)

POLA ORBIS Group Internal Reporting Policy

The POLA ORBIS Group has established the POLA ORBIS Group Help Line, allowing for early detection and prevention of compliance infractions, solutions and prevention of repetitive compliance infractions, and acceptance of reports and consultations to exhibit our ability to solve compliance infractions on our own, while also contributing to improving corporate value and sustainable business development related to gaining stakeholder trust, etc.

POLA ORBIS Group Internal Reporting System

The POLA ORBIS Group has developed a system that enables all Group directors and employees to submit reports and seek advice. The POLA ORBIS Group is ascertaining internal risk information directly through the system and connecting this information with risk-related proposals and the prevention of infractions. External subcontractors receive reports, anonymize their reports, and report only their content to the Group CSR Committee Secretariat. They accept reports via e-mail or postal mail 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Group CSR Committee Secretariat conducts investigations in the departments concerned of the respective Group companies. The Group CSR Committee Secretariat issues instructions for improvement in cases where the investigations have found points for improvement. The Secretariat reports the state of Help Line use to the corporate auditors every month. The Secretariat reports the state periodically to the Board of Directors as well. In the Help Line system, the anonymity of the whistleblower is protected under in-house rules, laws, regulations, etc., and whistleblowers are not treated disadvantageously. The respective POLA ORBIS Group companies will make corrections in accordance with their in-house rules in the event of retaliation against a whistleblower due to report submission. Group companies and offices overseas also introduced a Help Line similar to this service used by their counterparts in Japan, and have established a system for whistleblowing in the local languages. Additionally, in 2018, a direct reporting route from the outside contact office to the POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS auditors was established in the event that POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS management is the subject of a report.

Contact person in charge of Helpline

Making the Internal Reporting Helpline Known among Employees

In addition to educating all Group employees through distributing pamphlets with information on how to use the Help Line, we also measure employee familiarity with the Help Line through our compliance awareness survey given to employees, actively reporting results to employees, including displaying informational posters in offices where familiarity with the Help Line is low.

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