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The POLA ORBIS Group originated from a cream developed-through self-study-by founder Shinobu Suzuki for his wife, who had rough hands. Since the time of the Group's founding, it has consistently maintained the ideal of wanting to be useful to people, and to make people happy, as the fundamental root of its business management. For example, since the 1930s-when there were few working opportunities and it was difficult to achieve economic independence-we have provided job opportunities for many women, and played a supporting role in the development of local communities. The ideal of wanting to be a certain kind of company with respect to people, society and the environment is important in terms of business sustainability. Now that irreversible and rapid changes are taking place, I feel that efforts to give shape to these kinds of ideals is becoming increasingly important.

In view of this, in 2021, POLA ORBIS Group formulated a sustainability plan linked with our medium-term management plan. The Group's priority themes for sustainability are (1) Quality of life improvement through innovative technology services, (2) Regional revitalization, (3) Culture, the arts, design, (4) All-inclusive human resources, and (5) Environment. Among these initiatives, in particular, we will focus on the number of businesses created and reductions in CO2 emission volumes, as priority themes in conjunction with company goals and medium- to long-term incentive compensation for management, and create new value through the Group's unique initiatives for a creation of a better society.

Since 2017, we have also been signatories of the UN Global Compact. We will fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society by responding to the 10 principles in the four key areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption, in accordance with international standards. In the environment field, we are working to ruduce CO2 emissions targets based on the Paris Agreement and achive certified palm oil target. In human rights, we are working not only to advance the empowerment of women, such as by setting and achieving targets for the ratio of female officers, but also to ensure respect for the human rights of our business partners and their employees through due diligence.

As set out in the Group philosophy, we will continue to make new and highly original proposals that will enable each employee to fully open their sensitivity switch and color the lives of people around the world.

Satoshi Suzuki, Representative Director and President
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