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QOL Improvement through Innovative Technology Services

The POLA ORBIS Group offers greater enjoyment and enrichment for the customer's soul, changing lives. For that purpose, we continue to search for cutting edge technology and service, striving to offer inspiration that goes beyond the customer's expectations.

Relationship between our business and providing value for society

The POLA ORBIS Group believes that by improving QOL through advanced technologies and services it can stimulate people's sensitivity, provide new value that colors their lives, and provide society with connections with nature, communities, and people. The pursuit of advanced technologies and provision of better services leads to the establishment of uniqueness and superiority as a business.

Recognized social issues and megatrends
Depletion of resources (conservation of energy and global resources)
Rampant stereotypes (respect for diversity)
Sustainable attitudes, primarily in Generation Z
Strengths of the POLA ORBIS Group
Research and development capabilities
Relations with outside experts

Targets and results

  • Number of new businesses created 2023 Target 10 (in total)
  • Enhance work-life balance Set targets in 2021
  • Number of research awards won at home and abroad
    2029 Target 10 (in total) 2020 Result 5 (cumulative from 2018)
  • Number of researchers in cutting-edge dermatology research
    2029 Target 120 2020 Result 68 (as of December 31, 2020)
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