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Creation of New Business Expansion of Businesses

Creating New Businesses

We aim to improve the know-how and culture that the Group has cultivated thus far, not only through conventional cosmetics and services, but also through new approaches to improving QOL for more people.
We believe that the thoughts and sensitivities of individuals are the source of ideas to achieve this, and propose businesses that combine the ideas of individuals with the beauty techniques cultivated by the Group.

System for Continuously Creating New Business

The POLA ORBIS Group expects that business proposals originating from various sources will stimulate other proposals, and increase the accuracy of subsequent business proposals.

Proposals through the In-house Venture System

The POLA ORBIS Group calls for proposals from employees once a year under its in-house venture system. We make proposals based on the thoughts of individuals, and aim to improve QOL for persons with similar feelings.


By becoming a group of companies with the same values, we will stimulate each other to make better proposals.

Joint venture capital (CVC business)

POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS has launched a CVC business.

Targets and Results Regarding Creation of New Business

Number of new businesses created Target for 2023
10 in total

Initiatives to Create New Businesses

Launched cocktail graphy, a personalized skincare service using an IoT device called the Skin Mirror

In April 2021, we launched cocktail graphy, a personalized skincare service enabling users to "engage only with their own skin." This service utilizes the Skin Mirror, which allows users to analyze their own skin condition at home anytime. The Skin Mirror is a skin measurement IoT device originally developed by ORBIS. The results of skin condition analyses are automatically recorded in the dedicated app, allowing users to accurately monitor their skin condition at all times. Going forward, we will provide three personalized skincare products tailored to each individual's skin condition regularly. These products will be based on each user's skin-related data stored daily, as well as local weather information, skin-related concerns and lifestyle habits.

encyclo INC. Launched a beauty business for people who have experienced serious illness

First product

Right: Yuko Mizuta, graduate of Future Study Program in 2009
Left: Akiko Saito

encyclo https://www.encyclo.co.jp/

In May 2020, we drew from our in-house venture program to set up@a new company–encyclo.INC–to pursue the beauty business for@cancer survivors. encyclo is the brainchild of Yuko Mizuta, who was diagnosed with uterine cervix cancer when she worked in POLA's@Product Planning Division and still suffers from lymphedema, an aftereffect, and Akiko Saito, who launched a program at POLA that helps employees balance cancer treatment and a career.
The first order of business for encyclo was to develop medicaluse compression stockings for people with lymphedema, a long-term condition that Ms. Mizuta herself has experienced. Lymphedema often follows treatment for women's cancers, and once the condition appears, swelling must be kept in check with compression stockings. She felt that such stockings are highly effective, serving a particular purpose, but rarely meet user standards for fashion and comfort. The challenge, then, was to focus on creating a society where people do not have to give up the desire to feel beautiful despite experiencing illness and to develop a product that balances care and beauty. The first product was launched in December 2020, capturing media attention and fulfilling a wish not only of the stocking wearers but also of healthcare workers who said, "This is exactly what we wanted."

tricot Inc. New approach to maintaining health, unique to women

In April 2021, we made tricot Inc., an investment target of our CVC business, a wholly owned subsidiary. tricot is a venture company that develops the FUJIMI brand of supplements and face masks customized to each individual's skin type and offered by subscription. In addition to utilizing our own R&D technology and track record, we anticipate the alliance to generate synergies in production and logistics. It will also give us brands and products that accurately reflect changes in beauty values, as well as the ability to address changes and the human assets to make such changes a reality, thus making our brand portfolio stronger and more distinctive.

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