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Achieving Diversification of Work Styles Increasing QOL for Employees

Achieving Diversification of Work Styles

As competition intensifies both in Japan and overseas, the attributes, values and needs of working people are diversifying. In order to respond to these changes, we are promoting diverse work styles with the aim of creating new value as an organization by making effective use of the individuality of individual employees.

System to Achieve Diversification of Work Styles

Flexible work system

The POLA ORBIS Group has established systems that allow employees to work flexibly.

Programs: Flexible working hours, paid leave able to be taken in half-day increments and by the hour, a remote working program, a refreshment (long-term) leave program, satellite offices, shorter working hours for childcare, a childcare allowance, nursing care leave, and shorter working hours for nursing care.

*While we comply with laws and regulations, some Group companies have yet to introduce some of these programs. There are also some programs that have yet to be introduced due to employment conditions.

Personal career-building system

Group's free agent system

An employee who satisfies specific conditions may apply for transfer to another Group company or section. An applicant who passes the selection process may be transferred to the target company or section based on this intra-group job change system. The system is designed to support each employee so that he/she can autonomously plan his/her own career, grow and take on challenge as a businessperson based on his/her on initiative.

Targets and Results Regarding Diversifying Work Styles

Improving the quality of work-life balance
2029 targets
Targets set in 2021

Initiatives to Achieve Diversification of Work Styles

Creating an environment for POLA as a co-creation organization

Telework Pioneer Logomark

POLA aims to be a "co-creation organization" where all employees can play an active role and freely and openly demonstrate their maximum potential. Since 2018 we have been implementing various work style reforms, including the introduction of remote work. We see the changes in the social environment caused by COVID-19 as opportunities to advance work style reforms, and have implemented our strategies ahead of time to develop an environment in which employees can work productively and flexibly.
We have advanced work style reforms based on the two pillars of reviewing work styles to create new value (operational efficiency improvement) and improving the working environment. We have developed our office environments through digitization of decision and consultation documents, stock arrangements (review of work / future work), and begun to introduce web conferencing systems (improvement of conference room environments). These initiatives were recognized by our selection in the 100 Telework Pioneers (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) and receipt of the Telework Promotion Award Encouragement Award (Japan Telework Association).

POLA Ingenuity keeps new employees from feeling isolated

Surveys indicate that wider introduction of teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic led to heightened stress among young employees compared with their older colleagues. The primary causes of stress are an inability to picture personal growth when role models are not in plain sight, unclear objectives of work-related instructions and a growing sense of isolation. POLA implemented a buddy and mentor system for four new employees assigned to the@sales division to guide them in pursuing a career with less anxiety about the future. Under this system, new employees are first asked for the images of senior colleagues that they would like to connect with and then they actually meet the individuals. Using Instagram and other social media platforms, new employees can communicate easily with senior colleagues and gain the perspective needed for personal growth.

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