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Regional Revitalization

The POLA ORBIS Group makes the most of its strength in creating beauty in its business activities and the development of local societies, the foundation of people's lives. For that purpose, we create close relationships with the area, contributing through our business activities to local job creation and the growth of the culture of everyday life. We also add innovative value to the beauty of artisans, traditional techniques, and the beauty of form that has been passed down in the area and show it to the world.

Relationship between our business and the value provided to society

The POLA ORBIS Group conducts its business activities in close association with local communities.
Through the Group's strengths, such as women's empowerment, we believe that we can solve regional issues such as regional population outflow and revitalizing local economies. Making brands necessary to local communities, not only by directly visiting these areas but also through digital transformation (DX), will lead to stable growth for the Group.

Recognized social issues Mega trends
  • Ageing societies
    (low birth rate and aging population)
  • Poverty among women
    (single mothers, etc.)
  • Regional disparities (rural flight)
Strengths of the POLA ORBIS Group
  • Direct marketing
  • Women's empowerment
  • Building connections between people to adapt to the new normal

Targets and results

  • Number of regional entrepreneur owners
    2029 target 1,200@2020 results 504
  • Number of strategies contributing to regional economies
    2029 target 78@2020 results 27
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