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Cooperation with Local Communities Spreading the Scope of Cooperation

Cooperation with Local Communities

The POLA ORBIS Group believes that connections between people are important for regional revitalization. To that end, we provide new connections between people and communities that have not been in contact with the community until now, through collaboration with stakeholders related to our business activities.

Targets and Results Regarding Cooperation with Communities

Number of strategies contributing to regional economies
2029 target 2020 results
78 27

Initiatives for Cooperation with Communities

POLA Working to resolve social issues in local communities

Mobile aesthetic "salon car" delivers beauty experience

Mamiko Yamashita, a Grand Owner in Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture, who understands social issues such as nursing care for seniors in a graying society, the nuclearization of families and poverty among single-parent households, undertakes basic activities that provide a place for women in the community to thrive as POLA Beauty Directors. Recently, Ms. Yamashita has been going out in her van– a gsalon carh–to areas where beauty services are not available to deliver the enjoyment that beauty services can provide. She also makes special stops to provide aesthetic treatments to customers unable to visit a shop.
A high profile in the community, driven by such activities, helps POLA expand its business.

ORBIS: Koshu City ORBIS Forest Undeveloped Mountain Forest Regeneration

In January 2011, ORBIS established the Koshu Woodland Development Promotion Council and entered into the Forest Development Agreement together with Koshu City and OISCA. In April 2012, about 100 hectares of municipal forest in Koshu, Yamanashi was named the Koshu City ORBIS Forest, and a project was started for ORBIS employees to reclaim and develop the deserted forest over a period of 10 years.
The final goal of this project is not to simply create a forest, but also to reclaim the vast area for people to gather and enjoy nature. In December 2018, the Government of Japan granted the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon to ORBIS for its environmental protection activities. In 2019, the area including the Koshu City ORBIS Forest was designated the Kobushi UNESCO Eco Park. ORBIS has continued these and other activities in Japan and other countries since 2002. Having developed into initiatives that connect ORBIS to local communities, those activities are attracting attention.

BIHADA-WELLNESS TOURISM in Shimane prefecture originating from an in-house venture

Feast experience–Japanese and Western versions–entirely made with the same ingredients from Shimane Prefecture (left: Japanese dishes, right: Western dishes)

BIHADA-WELLNESS TOURISM–an idea with business potential entered in S-Booster, a space-based business idea contest launched by the Cabinet Office of Japan–won the Sponsorfs Prize in 2019. Targeting women with a keen interest in traveling with aesthetic sense, this business draws on insights accumulated by companies within the POLA ORBIS Group about skin and physical condition as well as analysis of satellite data on atmospheric factors that affect the skin. This approach facilitates personalized, high-value learning and access to beauty, spa, diet, sleep and aesthetic content, emphasizing arts and culture.
Backed by the concept of skin wellness, BIHADA-WELLNESS TOURISM gives participants the opportunity to enjoy tourism resources specific to a certain area and access to local experts, a combination that promotes beauty and energizes both mind and body. The experience may even prompt a positive change in lifestyle when participants return home. A complementary goal is to support regional renaissance by using tourism resources. New content will be developed in discussion with local providers.
The first area tapped as a tourism candidate is Shimane Prefecture and, in cooperation with the Shimane Tourism Promotion Office and the Shimane Tourism Association, discussions are currently in progress to turn the idea into a marketable business. BIHADA-WELLNESS TOURISM was tested in Shimane Prefecture in 2020, winning positive reviews for both the concept and the experience. Many participants asked to receive content on an ongoing basis even after the tour ended, an indication that tourism, as a business, will attract customers who buy products or seek advice at shops close to home as well as customers who repeatedly purchase local skin-beautifying foodstuffs through e-commerce channels.
Going forward, POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS will establish tourism as a business and add more destinations to the travel list.

Creating Value from New Raw Materials, Thereby Expanding Agricultural Business Opportunities

Since its foundation, THREE has proactively used domestically produced raw materials. To create new value from raw materials that have not been used, our employees visit the fields where raw materials are grown and help producers harvest them, thereby building relationships with producers. We began to acquire organic certification by acquiring certification for fields where the raw materials are grown. We acquired the certification by complying with various standards, such as not using genetically modified raw materials. Because even the fields for growing the plants that are our raw materials conform to the standards, we can hereafter share this to let more people know the value of those fields.

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