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Development of Regional Entrepreneur Owners

Development of Regional Entrepreneur Owners

The POLA ORBIS Group has always been supported by women. Going forward, we will continue working to enable everyone in the world to live in a manner that is true to themselves.
We are also working to revitalize communities through women's empowerment.

Beauty Director Development System

POLA signs consignment sales agreements with Beauty Directors. Beauty Directors work as self-employed entrepreneurs.
We also support startups by using a sales commission system to reduce income instability during the time of initial business startup, and enabling business operators to earn sales commissions when products are sold, rather than buying products as stock. We have also established POLA University, to enable people to learn beauty knowledge and techniques, and provide support tailored to the degree of growth of each individual. We also provide training such as career development training and leadership training for shop management, store management, and human resources development know-how.

Targets and Results Regarding Regional Entrepreneur Owners

Number of regional entrepreneur owners
2029 target 2020 result
1200 504

Initiatives for Regional Entrepreneur Owner Development

POLA Beauty Director work style

POLA, with a network of about 3,800 shops in Japan, including POLA THE BEAUTY, as of December 31, 2020, leaves the operation of shops and the implementation of sales activities to on-site Beauty Directors. The company defines the work of Beauty Directors as genabling women to achieve their ideals and desired way of lifeh and runs educational programs, including approaches to enhance people skills, to underpin sales of merchandise.
The work of Beauty Directors starts with building one-on-one connections with customers. Next they develop the skills of staff as they themselves move up the ranks to the position of shop owner. Then they become leaders of multi-shop operations. POLAfs goal is to enable women to engage with their communities while conveying POLA value, and through this process they–and by extension, POLA–grow along with the community. A yardstick to measure influence in the community is monthly sales of \5 million, and POLA has set the number of owners as a KPI. Nearly all the owners are women who live where they work and see commercial opportunities from a local consumer perspective. Consequently, they are close to real issues in the community, such as population decline, and play active roles in energizing the community. In Japan, worsening business results–a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic–have led to job losses, with contract employees and temporary staff hit harder than full-time employees. This has become an obvious social issue, one that tends to affect women more than men. POLA believes in the potential of women and presents diverse work styles that enable women to demonstrate their abilities as entrepreneurs (private business owners).

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