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Three Fields

From Fundamental CSR to Selective CSR, we value the accumulations of each activity.

CSR means that a company fulfils its responsibility to society through its corporate management activities. Corporate philosophy and management philosophy have the role of a compass in the company's CSR activities.
In its CSR activities, the POLA ORBIS Group works to review and improve conventional management activities from new perspectives (social responsibility and stakeholders' perspectives), and to never consider CSR as a mere addition of new activities. We recognize that by placing CSR at the core of our management strategies and by implementing it as everyday practice, we can fulfil our significant responsibility to society.

The POLA ORBIS Group organizes and implements CSR in the three fields of "Fundamental," "Business" and "Selective."

Realization of the Group philosophy

Selective CSR

Activities for fulfilling our significant responsibility to society and for enriching the main business through active engagement in corporate cultural and art activities and environment conservation activities.

Business CSR

Activities in cooperation with stakeholders through the main business with an eye on sustained development, including the improvement of customer and employee satisfaction, the provision of quality products and services, the stimulation of greater local attraction and regional industrial development and job creation through the provision of new values.

Fundamental CSR

Fundamental activities that a company should engage in, including compliance with laws, regulations and social ethics, corporate governance connected with a company's management foundation and information disclosure to fulfil a company's accountability.