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"Hand cream created for only one person." The hand cream developed more than 80 years ago by the founder through his own research for his wife who had a problem with the skin on her hands marked the very beginning of the POLA ORBIS Group.
Technological innovations and globalization have helped people lead far more enriched, convenient lives than in those days, and have also brought about the diversification of values. Under these circumstances, we have always stood beside women to support their desire to be beautiful and continued to innovate our business by grasping the needs of customers and the market, which change over time.
Since our establishment, we have also helped regional development by providing women who have experienced only a few workplaces with numerous opportunities for employment, and we have been striving to enrich the lives of people by supporting the POLA Art Foundation and the POLA Foundation for the Promotion of Traditional Japanese Culture.
"Becoming of use to someone and making someone happy" has been our unchanged aspiration since our establishment. In the same way as the founder did to help his wife, the POLA ORBIS Group will continue its business activities to directly deliver warmth and contribute to the lives of the people around us and those all over the world. This is something that only we humans can do, no matter how far innovative technology advances. Our lives have become more convenient, while our universal home faces many issues of a global scale. Having recently participated in the United Nations Global Compact, the POLA ORBIS Group strives to address accumulated social issues through corporate management for the happiness of people around the world.

Satoshi Suzuki, Representative Director and President