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Stakeholder Engagement

We actively engage in extensive dialogue with outside stakeholders to examine whether our corporate activities are in tune with the expectations and demands of society toward us and to identify better products and services that reflect society's demands. Comments and advice provided are reviewed within the Group and developed into specific improvement measures to be reflected in our management practices.

  • Customers

    Customers' opinions are used in our business activities and in enhancing the quality of our services. We established a channel for promptly sharing the views of customers at the management level and making rapid improvements.

    • Call centers
    • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • Round-table talks with customers and group interviews
    • Various surveys based on sales data
    • Brand image surveys
  • Business Partners (Suppliers)

    We consider suppliers of cosmetics ingredients and packaging materials to be key partners and hold information meetings with major suppliers at least once a year to meet with them in person and promote their understanding of and cooperation in the POLA ORBIS Group's procurement policies.

    • Briefing sessions on purchasing policies
    • CSR procurement guidelines
  • Business Partners (Beauty Directors)

    We maintain close day-to-day communication with Beauty Directors who deal directly with customers to ensure that they understand our philosophy and communicate our corporate value. We focus on training and provide level-specific learning opportunities.

    • Recruitment activities and basic education
    • Product workshops
    • Shop-owner training workshops
    • National awards ceremony
    • Group leader business meetings
    • Interviews with Beauty Directors
  • Employees

    It is essential for corporate growth that each employee makes full use of his/her diverse individual strengths. Based on this concept, we strive to create a working environment in which uniqueness can be demonstrated by each employee. In 2017, we announced our Health Management Declaration.

    • Employee Survey
    • Employee forums
    • Safety and health committee
    • Safety and health as priorities in corporate management
    • Free agent system/ intrapreneurship program
    • Information sharing through the Intranet
    • CSR Awards commendation program
    • Internal Reporting System (Helpline)
  • Society, NGOs/NPOs

    We aim to enhance mutual prosperity by responding to requests from society and engage in social contribution activities. In addition, we deal sincerely with questions from nongovernmental and non-profit organizations.

    • Cultural and art activities
    • Educational presentations at schools
    • Internships
    • Factory tours
    • Environmental education
    • Local cleanup initiatives
    • Dialogues with NGOs and NPOs
    • Joint projects with local industries
    • Agreement with local government
  • Shareholders and Investors

    We respond to requests from shareholders and investors by communicating actively with them. We have received the Best IR Award twice. We provided a factory tour for shareholders based on comments received at a general meeting of shareholders.

    • General meeting of shareholders
    • Publication of integrated reports
    • Publication of shareholder newsletter
    • Small meetings
    • Briefing sessions for investors
    • Shareholder events

Examples of improvements prompted by comments from stakeholders

"Somewhat out of reach financially"(POLA)
Reduced the price of Wrinkle Shot Serum, effective January 2018. ¥15,000 ¥13,500 (before tax)
"Coordinate your customer strategies for online and physical stores" (ORBIS)
In October 2017, the loyalty points program for online purchases and the program for in-store purchases were integrated.
"I'd like to go on a factory tour" (at a general meeting of shareholders)
A factory tour for shareholders was held in November 2017.