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Communicating with Our Customers

Improving Customer Care

POLA: Providing Better Service by Reflecting Customer Feedback in Our Business Activities

POLA's customer inquiry service

POLA's customer inquiry service

At POLA, we provide inquiry-based feedback in the form of weekly reports and make regular reports at the monthly executive meetings in order to reflect our customers' opinions and wishes in our products and services.
Moreover, by swiftly providing information to our Product Planning, Research and Development, Production, and Sales Departments, we strive to make a variety of improvements in the form of reflecting feedback in new product planning and design, enhancing product functionality, improving contents and containers, and optimizing labels and advertisement. We also work to make speedy improvements to issues affecting multiple departments from a whole-company perspective by establishing the CS Committee, which is an internal interdepartmental organization consisting of department heads.
There were 21,000 inquiries in FY2018.
We expect the number of inquiries to increase in the future, so we are working to improve our knowledge through monthly study sessions about the features of new products and phone support techniques in order to provide even better service. Our Marketing and Sales Departments are also conducting an annual satisfaction questionnaire survey with randomly chosen customers, asking for feedback about how they feel about using products and what requests they have for POLA.
In 2018, we received responses from 6,103 customers.
We share the customer feedback inside the company and apply it in product development and to improve the quality of products on sale. POLA THE BEAUTY implements mystery shopping (customer service survey). Our shop owners pay attention to external reviews, work to enhance customer service, and are gradually improving customer ratings.
We also organize "customer service contests" where everyone's customer service skills are displayed. It is a good opportunity for the participating Beauty Directors to re-examine their service from a customer perspective.

Mechanisms for utilizing customer feedback
Own-brand sales first place (2018)

JCSI Customer Satisfaction
Own-brand sales first place (2018)

At ORBIS, we prioritize the service quality provided by our operators as they are in direct phone contact with our customers. In order to increase service quality, we conduct mystery calls, phone service contests, and customer questionnaires.
Moreover, we have introduced an AI chatbot for our shopping website to increase customer convenience and satisfaction. In FY2018, we ranked first in the own-brand sales category of the mail-order sales division in the Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index (JCSI), the biggest such index in Japan and conducted by the Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth.

Service that Reflects Customer Feedback

The companies of the POLA ORBIS Group conduct questionnaires and dialogues to increase customer satisfaction.
POLA conducts a variety of questionnaire surveys at each department, and reflects the opinions of more customers in improving services.
At ORBIS, we have a questionnaire webpage called Kikulabo and we are working to increase customer satisfaction not only through catalog and product questionnaires, but also by discussing problems in daily life.
At DECENCIA, we are striving for brand growth by constantly taking in customer feedback and organize an annual round-table talks with customers. We take the opinions collected through these talks and provide feedback to all employees as well as use them as references for brand growth.
Outside of the cosmetics business, P.O. REAL ESTATE has been working to improve service since 2011 by conducting questionnaires for the female staff in tenant buildings with the goal of always providing a pleasant environment for our building users.

ORBIS: Examples of Product Improvements Reflecting Customer Feedback

Moreover, we have a system for sharing all the customer feedback that we receive every day by phone, postcards, fax, and e-mail. All our employees are able to check customer feedback at any time and can directly see it, which has contributed to service improvements and ideas for new products. We also hold Customer Feedback Report Meetings with the participation of the president and senior management. The management are also informed about customer feedback in weekly reports. We are identifying issues from a comprehensive perspective and are quickly formulating measures to improve products and services.