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Communicating with Our Customers

Improving Customer Care

POLA: Providing Better Service by Reflecting Customer Feedback in Our Business Activities

POLA's customer inquiry service

POLA's customer inquiry service

In order to reflect customer opinions and requests for products and services, POLA provides weekly feedback on inquiries to the entire company, and regularly reports them at management meetings. Additionally, through prompt provision of information to the Product Planning Division, R&D Division, Production Division and Sales Division, etc., we are working to make various improvements, such as by reflecting opinions and requests in new product planning and design, improving product functionality, improving contents and containers, and ensuring appropriate display and advertisements. In FY2020 we received 14,000 consultations. Moreover, by swiftly providing information to our Product Planning, Research and Development, Production, and Sales Departments, we strive to make a variety of improvements in the form of reflecting feedback in new product planning and design, enhancing product functionality, improving contents and containers, and optimizing labels and advertisement. We also work to make speedy improvements to issues affecting multiple departments from a whole-company perspective by establishing the CS Committee, which is an internal interdepartmental organization consisting of department heads. We received 5830 responses from customers in 2020, and 5199 responses in 2021. We share the customer feedback inside the company and apply it in product development and to improve the quality of products on sale. POLA THE BEAUTY implements mystery shopping (customer service survey). Our shop owners pay attention to external review and work to enhance customer service.
We also organize "customer service contests" where everyone's customer service skills are displayed. It is a good opportunity for the participating Beauty Directors to re-examine their service from a customer perspective.

Mechanisms for utilizing customer feedback

At ORBIS, we strive to improve the quality of services provided by our operators, who contact customers directly over the phone. They work to understand the feelings of the customer and provide services tailored to each individual customer, in our efforts to improve the quality of services they provide.
In addition, we provide easy-to-use FAQs and an AI chatbot on our e-commerce site to improve customer convenience and satisfaction, and enable customers to solve their problems on their own as much as possible. As a result, in FY2020, we ranked first in the own-brand sales category of the mail-order sales business category of the Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index (JCSI) survey—one of the largest of its kind in Japan—conducted by Japan Productivity Center's Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth (SPRING). This was the sixth successive year to rank in first place.

Service that Reflects Customer Feedback

The companies of the POLA ORBIS Group conduct questionnaires and dialogues to increase customer satisfaction.
POLA's various departments conduct a variety of questionnaires to reflect the views of more customers and improve their services.
ORBIS hosts Kikulabo, a special website for questionnaire surveys. Brochure and product questionnaires are conducted every month to improve customer satisfaction.
In addition to the cosmetics industry, since 2011, P.O. REAL ESTATE INC.—which operates in the real estate business—has been conducting questionnaire surveys that target female employees at tenant buildings, in order to provide comfortable environments to building users at all times, with the aim of improving services.

At DECENCIA, since our foundation, we have always seen our customers in person and listened to them.Because we deal with a special skin type known as "sensitive skin," we aim to eliminate the anxiety that lies behind it. In an initiative based on this wish, our various departments held hearings on products, services and content, including customer events where customers can try new products directly before launch, customer round-table discussions, and interviews with 100 people nationwide. In 2019, we were able to meet with over 100 customers in total. In 2020, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued this initiative online.
The skin-related concerns and opinions received through this initiative lead to the constant development of innovative products and improvement of services in the sensitive skin cosmetics category, and contribute to fostering brand engagement with customers.

ORBIS: Examples of Product Improvements Reflecting Customer Feedback

We have a system that shares the large volume of customer feedback that we receive every day via telephone and e-commerce sites, enabling all employees to check and listen to the opinions of customers directly, which has been useful in improving services and developing ideas for new products. Things that can be improved immediately are shared directly with the persons in charge of the relevant area, leading to real improvements.
The voices of customers are also communicated to senior management via an internal system. We identify issues from a holistic perspective and quickly develop improvement measures for our products and services.

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