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POLA ORBIS Group Social Contribution Policy

The Group has defined the following non-financial materialities that have a strong impact on business activities: (1) Quality of life improvement through innovative technology services, (2) Regional revitalization, (3) Culture, the Arts, Design, (4) All-inclusive human resources, and (5) Environment; and is working to make effective use of synergies between its social contribution activities and business operations.

POLA ORBIS Group Social Contribution System

The Group CSR Committee was established within the POLA ORBIS Group to expand and develop CSR activities to the entire Group. The Group CSR Committee is headed by the POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS' CSR Head Director based on the POLA ORBIS Group's Group CSR Committee regulations, and is made up of directors from each Group company who join the Committee as CSR Promotion Officers. When necessary, Workplace Coordinators are appointed within each Group company, investigating and solving CSR problems.

Earthquake Aid, International Aid and Social Contribution Initiatives

COVID-19 Stakeholder Initiatives

The POLA ORBIS Group is currently engaged in various support activities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. POLA Museum Annex held a charity auction and donated all proceeds (a total of ¥9,145,000) to the Japanese Red Cross Society as a donation in relation to its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
POLA is distributing free samples of its B.A lotion and milk and offering free services for medical professionals at some of its stores, while ORBIS is providing its own-brand beauty products and original delivery boxes to medical professionals through the Japan Heart Social Network. Jurlique has donated 33,000 units of hand cream out of gratitude and respect for healthcare professionals in China, Hong Kong and Australia. DECENCIA engaged in initiatives that included gifting masks to customers during the period when masks were difficult to obtain. The Group also distributed masks and hand sanitizer to customers.

Initiatives to Tackle Bushfires in Southern Australia

The bushfires that occurred in Southern Australia between 2019 and 2020 caused major damage, even at locations only 20km from Jurlique Farm. Jurlique donated all sales for January 9, 2020 in Australia and New Zealand to the Australian Red Cross and other organizations. Jurlique employees and their families have also engaged in tree planting activities, planting 3,000 tree seeds and nursing saplings at the farm, and planning to donate to affected areas in mid-2021.

ORBIS: Continuous and Developing Disaster Area Recovery Support Activities

ORBIS has continued to engage in recovery and restoration support activities for nine years since the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.
The ITSUMO-project utilizes not only donations from ORBIS, but also shopping points (given as returns when customers purchase products) that are donated by customers as activity funds. In April 2021, the Group marked its eighth year of support for The Tohoku Food Marathon and Festival, which the Group has sponsored and supported through volunteering since the initial event. (The hosting of the 2020 event was postponed until 2021.)
Until 2020, the Group has supported the activities of local recovery and restoration support groups through subsidies and educational support.
Since 2020, the Group has participated as a Social Innovation Accelerator partner company. We have also begun an initiative to support social entrepreneurs engaged in recovery and regional revitalization activities in Tohoku.

The ITSUMO-project has carried out around 61 restoration support activities, with donations totaling approximately 157 million yen, and a total of 266 volunteering employees (as of the period June 2011 through December 2020).

Help End Starvation in Developing Countries

Continuous TFT to Help End Starvation in Developing Countries

Since the fall of 2007, the POLA ORBIS Group has continuously implemented Table for Two (TFT) in all the staff cafeterias of our offices. TFT is a social contribution movement that originated in Japan, where 20 yen from every purchase of a healthy meal goes to school meals for children in Africa or elsewhere. The goal is to deal with both starvation in developing countries and obesity and lifestyle diseases in developed countries at the same time.
Total donations by 2019 were 13,162,320 yen (including matching gifts), which has enabled us to provide about 658,000 school lunches to children in developing countries.


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