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Our Policy

We actively engage in corporate cultural and artistic activities, environmental conservation activities, and more, engaging in activities that greatly contribute to society and enrich our company.

Our Organization

The Group CSR Committee was established within the POLA ORBIS Group to expand and develop CSR activities to the entire Group. The Group CSR Committee is headed by the POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS' CSR Head Director based on the POLA ORBIS Group's Group CSR Committee regulations, and is made up of directors from each Group company who join the Committee as CSR Promotion Officers. When necessary, Workplace Coordinators are appointed within each Group company, investigating and solving CSR problems.

Our Initiatives

Philanthropy Through Beauty

POLA: Continuous Beauty Volunteer Work at Facilities and Hospitals All Over Japan

Continuous Beauty Volunteer Work at Facilities and Hospitals All Over Japan

Continuous Beauty Volunteer Work at Facilities and Hospitals All Over Japan

As an expression of our gratitude to all local residents, we at POLA make use of our cosmetology and cosmetics skills to conduct beauty volunteer work at nursing homes and hospitals. We do this every year to help patients and senior citizens remember the enjoyment of being stylish using skincare and cosmetics as well as to stimulate them through interactions with people from outside.
In 2018, we conducted 189 beauty volunteer programs at retirement homes, long-term care health facilities, and other institutions across Japan.

Disaster Support

ORBIS: Continuous and Developing Disaster Area Recovery Support Activities

ORBIS has continuously provided restoration assistance during the eight years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. In addition to emergency material assistance directly after the earthquake, we established the ITSUMO-project to help those affected quickly take back their normal, everyday lives. We continue to work to provide sincere assistance in cooperation with our customers and through the volunteer work of our employees.
The ITSUMO-project funds some of its activities through donated shopping points, which are returned to our customers when they make purchases. (Point donations ended in March 31, 2018, but assistance is on-going.) So far, we have supported a broad variety of initiatives, including the House Living Project where we brought color back into everyday life by painting pictures on the barren walls of temporary housing. We have been supporting and volunteering at the Tohoku Food Marathon and Festival since the beginning. We participated for the fifth time in March 2018.
Moreover, directly after the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, we created the ORBIS Kumamoto Future Fund. We offer monetary support for the activities of local restoration support organizations.
In the future, we are planning to conduct activities to support the learning and education of young people in charge of the futures of the affected areas. The ITSUMO-project has accomplished approximately 50 restoration support activities, has had donations totaling approximately 150 million yen, and a total of 250 volunteering employees (June 2011 through February 2018).

POLA: Beauty Volunteer Work in Areas Affected by Disasters

Continuing on from last year, we held self-massage courses in March and April as beauty volunteer work for women living in temporary housing due to the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Held in Kamaishi and Otsuchi, participants could try out applying cosmetics on their own after the facial massages. Responses from participants who tried out the cosmetics were very positive. Questionnaire results showed high satisfaction again this year, with comments such as, "I feel like my face is lighter," "It was fun to have facial massages with everyone," "I was in high spirits after fully applying makeup for the first time in a while." It seems that participants' attitudes became brighter and more positive through massages and cosmetics. These activities are still ongoing today to maintain and enhance mental and physical health of people affected by the earthquake, conducted by local staff as well as shop owners and Beauty Directors in the local area.

International Assistance

Continuous TFT to Help End Starvation in Developing Countries

Since the fall of 2007, the POLA ORBIS Group has continuously implemented Table for Two (TFT) in all the staff cafeterias of our offices. TFT is a social contribution movement that originated in Japan, where 20 yen from every purchase of a healthy meal goes to school meals for children in Africa or elsewhere. The goal is to deal with both starvation in developing countries and obesity and lifestyle diseases in developed countries at the same time. In October 2018, on World Food Day, we also implemented TFT with POLA beautiful skin cafeteria lunchboxes at the Ginza Building of POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS, which does not have a staff cafeteria. Total donations by 2018 were 11,710,440 yen (including matching gifts), which has enabled us to provide about 585,000 school lunches to children in developing countries.