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Diversity and Equal Opportunity

POLA ORBIS Group Diversity Policy and Initiatives

We consider people as the most valuable asset in the Group. We work to actively support women's efforts as an initiative towards diversity. Since its founding, the POLA ORBIS Group has, through its cosmetics business, supported the advancement of women in society in response to the changing times. Under this corporate culture, nurtured over the years as a company supporting women's progress, we have been providing extensive opportunities to female employees with strong motivation and excellent abilities, have assigned them to management positions, and are promoting improvements in the workplace environment where each member, regardless of gender, can fully demonstrate his or her ability.

As a result of these initiatives, female employees have successfully developed their careers, with the percentage of women in management positions at 46.9% for the entire Group, including overseas operations. Looking only at the Japanese Group companies, there was still a significant increase in the percentage of women in management positions, from 13.6% in 2007 when we moved to the Holdings system to 30.4% in 2020. Aided by a workplace environment in which female views are valued, these women exercise their full potential in various ways, such as developing products from the customer's perspective and improving offered services.

Symbol representing Certification in Corporate Childcare Support offered by the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry

Symbol representing Certification in Corporate Childcare Support offered by the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry

Symbol representing Certification in Corporate Childcare Support offered by the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry

We work to actively support childcare as one kind of career support measure, supporting women in the different stages of life. We are developing work systems that allow employees to choose diversified and flexible work styles, including shortened working hour programs that employees can choose depending on their childcare situations and working only within viable hours for the purpose of childcare (until the child finishes his or her third year in elementary school). For example, POLA works to assist in the smooth reinstatement of employees after childcare leave by giving explanations to those in managerial positions about the systems that allow employees to balance work and childcare and by implementing pre-reinstatement interviews with supervisors, training on career planning for those returning to work from childcare leave, and other initiatives for developing career paths while raising children. This led to a high 85.0% (2020 results) of employees who took childcare leave returning to work. ORBIS acquired Platinum Kurumin certification in 2018.

Creating an Environment for Seniors to Work

POLA ORBIS Group is working to create an environment where employees can work regardless of their age. In 2018, POLA revised its re-employment after mandatory retirement system, and removed the age limit. This system enables employees to play an active role up to any point, regardless of age, depending on motivation and ability. We have established a new course that utilizes the abilities developed by each individual employee, such as those with experience as leaders of the organization and those with extensive work experience, and enable them to work flexibly based on their desired number of working days and other preferences. POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES also conducts career consultation meetings tailored to each employee's life stage, such as balancing work with caregiving needs.

Creating a Workplace where Employees with Disabilities can Work with Peace of Mind

We are working to create a workplace where employees with disabilities can work with peace of mind. In addition, POLA and ORBIS work to increase work opportunities by developing a working environment in which each employee can maximize his or her potential while considering employees for whom commuting is difficult, through measures such as the establishment of satellite offices in suburban areas with the aim of reducing employees' commuting and improving facilities, including barrier-free offices and professional equipment with universal design.
In addition, POLA ORBIS Holdings and accepts student apprentices from special-needs schools attended by people with intellectual disabilities, to help them develop work skills.
As a result of this initiative, 70 students have been employed across the POLA ORBIS Group (as of January 2021). We will continue to create workplaces where people are able to display their abilities to the fullest regardless of the presence or absence of disabilities.

POLA ORBIS Group Work-life Balance Policy and Initiatives

Management of Working Hours and Improvement of Working Environment

At the POLA ORBIS Group, we encourage the broad use of the Refreshment Leave System and the No Overtime Day/Go-Home-Early Day, in our efforts to build a work environment that values work-life balance. We also comply with local laws and regulations in each country for working hours, and are working to reduce long working hours. In order to reduce long working hours, we are engaged in efforts to improve operational efficiency and enhance the management skills of managers.
In FY2020, the average usage of annual paid leave was 70.0% at Group companies in Japan, with the average number of overtime hours worked per person per month being 9 hours 27 minutes

  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Paid leave acquisition rate(%) 63.97 60.97 65.10 67.8 70.0 75.1 70.0
Overtime hours (hours) 15.00 12.78 13.85 13.75 12.58 13.3 9.45

Diversity of Work Styles

While competition is becoming increasingly fierce in Japan and other countries, the diversity of the characteristics and values of workers and customer needs has continued to increase. To respond to these changes, we are encouraging diverse work styles with the goal of enabling each individual to exert their own personal qualities and lead our organization in the creation of new value.

Programs: Flexible working hours, paid leave able to be taken in half-day increments and by the hour, a remote working program, a refreshment (long-term) leave program, satellite offices, shorter working hours for childcare, a childcare allowance, nursing care leave, and shorter working hours for nursing care

*While we comply with laws and regulations, some Group companies have yet to introduce some of these programs. There are also some programs that have yet to be introduced due to employment conditions.

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