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Occupational Safety and Health

Industrial Safety and Health Policy

The POLA ORBIS Group thoroughly manages safety and health to eradicate occupational hazards, prevent epidemics, and improve worker's ability to maintain their health.

POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Safety and health policies

Based on the principle that safety and health take precedence over everything else, all employees of POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES recognize that ensuring safety and health is the source of sound production activities and an irreplaceable value and will cooperate with each other to promote safety and health activities with the aim of developing a comfortable workplace environment.

  1. We will develop a health and safety management organization to accurately identify issues that affect employees' safety. We will develop a health and safety management program to promote risk assessment activities. In this way, we will strive to make continuous improvements within the scope possible in terms of the economic and technical aspects and prevent industrial accidents.
  2. Mental and physical wellbeing is the basis of everything. We will strive to maintain and promote good health and prevent occupational illness through the promotion of the physical and mental health of all employees and the creation of a comfortable workplace environment.
  3. We will work to ensure that all employees are fully aware of our labor safety and health policies and comply with laws and regulations regarding safety and health, agreements with the management and matters prescribed in the internal rules.

Industrial Safety and Health System

The POLA ORBIS Group manages through the personnel and general affairs departments in each Group company in compliance with the Labor Standards Act and other laws and regulations. In particular, POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, the production base for the POLA ORBIS Group, is implementing management based on our health and safety policies with the goal of zero accidents which lead to leave or time off.

Achievements in Industrial Safety and Health

Industrial safety and health Target 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Units
Accidents requiring employees to take leave Domestic group companies - - 4 4 7 0
Accidents not requiring employees to take leave - - 8 4 24 8
Fatal accidents - - 0 0 0 0
State of implementation of Safety and Health Committees all domestic group companies implemented at business locations with 50 or more employees.
Health and safety training participants 2019 2020
E-learning course participants 2,376 2,364
Enlightenment through health management - site-2,777 (total number of insured employees: 4,519)
*Registration rate: 61.5%

Industrial Health and Safety Initiatives

Responding to Safety and Health

The Safety and Health Committee works to ensure the safety and health of Group employees by monitoring long working hours, working to improve workplace environments, and conducting improvement activities through patrols, based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act. In the event of an accident during the Group's business activities we investigate the accident, check whether there are any health and safety issues that may lead to injury or fatal accidents, and report and respond to such issues in accordance with the Risk Management and Crisis Control Regulations. In terms of response, measures are implemented evenly across all Group companies to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.

Health Management

POLA ORBIS Group conducts health checks and stress checks for Group employees. We encourage employees to take subsequent repeat / follow-up examinations based on the results of their health checks, and conduct interviews with industrial physicians for employees found to have high stress levels (based on the results of stress checks). We also conduct health checkups twice a year for employees who handle chemical substances, based on mandatory chemical substance risk assessments. Going forward, the entire Group will implement passive smoking and anti-smoking measures from 2021 onward. By 2023, we plan to completely stop employees from smoking indoors and smoking during working hours, and implement various measures in cooperation with health insurance unions.

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