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Business Partner Hotline

About the Use of Our Business Partner Hotline

About the POLA ORBIS Group Code of Conduct

Together with the establishment of a Group philosophy in 2017, the POLA ORBIS Group established the POLA ORBIS Group Code of Conduct providing items with which director and employee in the POLA ORBIS Group must comply to realize the Group philosophy and for compliance with laws and regulations and ethical business practices. We strive to thoroughly follow this Code of Conduct together with our business partners.

Establishment of the Reporting Office for Business Partners and Its Purpose

The POLA ORBIS Group established the Business Partner Hotline for the following purposes:
1.For early detection and prevention of compliance infractions
2.For solutions and prevention of repetitive compliance infractions
3.To contribute to improving corporate value and sustainable business development related to gaining stakeholder trust, etc.

(1) Report Details for the Business Partner Hotline

Please report specific information via the Business Partner Hotline in the event that the actions of any directors or employees of the POLA ORBIS Group are recognized to be in breach of laws, regulations, the POLA ORBIS Group Code of Conduct, compliance (harassment, injustice, etc.), or a breach in a contract with a business partner (or if there is a risk of this occurring).

Information to Include
•Name, company name, and contact information
•Name, company, and department name of person in question
•Time and date when action in question occurred
•Specific details of action
•Details leading to the knowledge that the action was occurring

Any reports based on false information, reports with the aim of abuse or slander, or reports sent impersonating a third party (“Dishonest Reports”) will not be accepted.

* Consult with the department in charge regarding the details of business transactions

(2) How to Report via the Business Partner Hotline

Reports to the Business Partner Hotline are made through the reporting form on this website. Please clearly indicate the name, email address, etc., of the person reporting so that we may confirm the facts in greater detail.

* We cannot confirm the facts when name and company name are not included, and we do not accept these reports.

(3) Responses to Reports

The Business Partner Hotline Reporting Office (was established as part of the POLA ORBIS Group CSR Committee Secretariat, and it investigates all the facts. If the results of the investigation require corrective measures, a swift response will be put in place.
The POLA ORBIS Group will report the results of these responses to the person who reported the issue only when deemed necessary by the Group.
The POLA ORBIS Group will not treat the reporter disadvantageously due to the report itself. However, protection may not be possible for Dishonest Reports or when the corresponding business partner has participated in any violations. Moreover, we request that disadvantageous handling within the business partner's organization towards the person who submitted the report be prohibited.

(4) About the Handling of Personal Information

POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS protects personal information as confidential information, such as report details and the name and company name of the person submitting the report, and uses this information only for the purposes of investigating the corresponding incident and improvement responses within the POLA ORBIS Group. POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS will share the details of the response to the corresponding company if deemed necessary, and will dispose of the information after storing it for three years.
In addition to the details of the response, the IP address, Cookies, (known collectively as “general data”), etc. related to the computer used by the person who submitted the report will be stored on a corresponding third party's server located in Japan.

Agree to the Above and Make a Report

* If the report page doesn't display properly after clicking the above button, submit reports via the email address below.


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