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Quality and Safety Guarantee

Our Policy

The POLA ORBIS Group not only constantly strives for industry-first technology and expertise, but also works to ensure product quality and safety for the sake of customer peace of mind.

Our Basic Policy on Quality Assurance

At the POLA ORBIS Group, "customer satisfaction" is our top priority, so we provide high-quality, high-performance products worthy our brands that our customers can use safely and without worry.

  1. We will work to further improve product quality by prioritizing customer satisfaction and earnestly listening to customer feedback.
  2. We will work to manufacture and sell products that customers can use without worry by verifying their effects and safety using the latest science.
  3. We will work to ensure product quality throughout the products' lifecycles, from the planning stage until after use by our customers.
  4. We will not only adhere to laws and regulations in all aspects of our corporate activities, but also work to cooperate with government policies as we conduct research, manufacturing, and sales.
  5. Our managers work to build a highly transparent management system and implement quality assurance as appropriate.

POLA ORBIS Group Quality Assurance System

System diagram

The POLA ORBIS Group established a Group Quality Assurance Committee, and this Committee finds issues related to Group quality and investigates improvements aimed at solving these problems.
Any issues identified through surveys are put onto the Board of Directors' meeting agenda.
We also established a Quality Supervision Department (Quality Supervisor) for each company's brand and are managing the quality of each company.

*Since 2015, our policy has been to use an alternative approach to animal testing in order to avoid animal testing except in cases where we are accountable to explain the safety of our products to society, or where it is required by administrative agencies in some countries.
We are continuously developing alternative approach to animal testing.
With the creation of guidance on utilizing safety assessments of cosmetics and quasi-pharmaceuticals progressing under the leadership of Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), we are participating actively as members of the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association's subcommittee on alternative approaches to animal testing.
Through initiatives such as this, we are working to raise the level of the cosmetics industry as a whole.

POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES@Cosmetics Quality and Safety

Strengthening the Quality Assurance System at POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES

To provide customers with safe, secure, and stable product quality to the last drop, POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES carries out its manufacturing in accordance with the GMP for cosmetics (ISO22716). Moreover, we have obtained certification for the global standard ISO9001, conducting detailed quality assurance activities for the whole process from research and development to commercialization, manufacturing, shipment, and delivery.

Quality and Safety Assurance Goals

At POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, we set the goal of quality and safety assurance as triple zero (0 recalls, 0 market recovery, 0 DC increase) every year, and we are turning PDCA.

Quality and Safety Assurance Initiatives at POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES

Design and Development

From Container Design to the Manufacturing of Containers and Packages

We repeatedly conduct trials to test the design and functions of our containers and packages, focusing especially on how to ensure safe and convenient use by customers, and finally inspect the mass produced containers. By conducting trials that anticipate all kinds of usage environments, we are able to provide product quality that lives up to our customers' expectations. Our highly skilled expert technicians annually conduct more than 200 design and commercialization projects for containers and set boxes in different materials and shapes.

From Cosmetics Formulation to High-Volume Production

We strictly adhere to quality designs in line with proposals provided by our research center and are designing manufacturing processes that enable to maintain a constant level of high product quality. We are always striving to manufacture products that are better and can be used longer. For the design and development stage of research, we have introduced the methods of the POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES version of FMEA to evaluate and either eliminate or minimize risks at the product design and process design stages. By minimizing risks at the design and development stage, we have been able to greatly reduce the number of complaints and process failures.


In order to realize stable product supply, it is important to have stable product purchasing. The POLA ORBIS Group has adopted a strict standard for the sake of stably supplying products.


Cosmetics Manufactured with Honed Skills

Cosmetics are manufactured by heating, melting, mixing and stirring, and finally cooling the raw ingredients. We have different manufacturing steps according to characteristics of each developed product, making it necessary for us to manage temperatures within }1C and control the number of rotations when stirring. Moreover, we continuously maintain the quality of our cosmetics in terms of feel and color based on the honed skills and experience of each of our technicians.

Thorough Process Inspections by Professionals to Ensure Reliable Product Quality

We conduct strict and thorough inspections of each of the manufacturing processes. Our highly experienced quality managers check not only the contents, but everything from container functionality to how the product feels when used. We are making products that our customers can use safely by using the latest inspection equipment and human skills.

Developing Measures to Prevent Contamination

At the Fukuroi Plant of POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, we implement a diverse range of measures to prevent contamination.
Contaminants can be things like substances stuck on air conditioners or our employees' work clothes as well as their human hair, so we rank the different manufacturing areas and carry out measures accordingly. This may include managing the air conditioning, changing work clothes twice, and removing hair and dust from the clothes by air showers, handwashing, and sterilization when entering and exiting. We have also made and are using maps indicating where contamination risks are present to make it easier to manage and improve cleaning routines. Moreover, to prevent insect contamination, we routinely conduct inspections to keep pests away and are implementing preventive measures to quickly detect signs of infestations and other irregularities as well as are implementing measures to maintain a sanitary working environment.
We are also preventing the contamination of our face lotions and other liquids and creams by using filters. For powder products, we prevent the shipment of contaminated products by having introduced x-ray contamination detectors in the manufacturing process.

Air shower when entering and exiting

Air shower when entering and exiting

Preventing Human Error

At the Fukuroi Plant of POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, we encourage our manufacturing staff to take voluntary action in small groups. To prevent operational mistakes, erroneous equipment settings, and other human errors during manufacturing, we are implementing a number of improvement activities to raise awareness in the workplace, thereby increasing product quality.
Moreover, we regularly implement patrols by quality control expert groups at our manufacturing sites, thereby ensuring improvements from a third-party perspective as well.
These activities allow us to thoroughly implement on-site quality control on a daily basis.

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