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Human Resource Development

In the Group philosophy redefined in 2017, a set of values and action guidelines are defined as "Ways" on a group-wide basis. Among them is "Be gracious to others, and express your individuality with flair." The term "Bi-i-shiki (Esthetic Sense)" is a manner of action unique to the Group and is defined as a person's capacity for valuing his/her own perspective and sensitivity, not relying on those of others, and for exerting influence. With an eye on the realization of the Group philosophy, we are working to accelerate behavioral changes of each member of the Group's human resources through various measures, including the introduction of competency evaluations regarding manners of action common to the Group and the change of next-generation leader development programs.

POLA ORBIS Group Philosophy

POLA ORBIS Group Philosophy

Group-wide behavioral development using competencies

To encourage behavioral changes in each employee, we have rebuilt the competencies applicable to all employees of the companies in the POLA ORBIS Group. In line with the redefined corporate philosophy, the new competency requirements are designed to help the human resources of the Group face up to changes by using their individuality and sensitivity. By showing the corporate philosophy into specific actions in competencies, we will work to realize the corporate philosophy and promote a better understanding among employees.

Redefined POLA ORBIS Group employee competencies

Four guidelines@Competencies
Face Changes and Challenges. Creating a Vision
Business Context Awareness
Think Deeply and Broadly. Conceptual Thinkng
Analytical Thinking
Cultivate Individuality and Influence. Bi-i-shiki (Esthetic Sense)
Impact and influence
Enhance Organizational Dynamism. Building a Culture of Development
Valuing Diversity

* The competency model has been designed with the cooperation of Korn Ferry Hay Group Co., Ltd.

Workshop to enhance competencies related to sense of beauty

The POLA ORBIS Group defines competencies related to sense of beauty as a person's ability to demonstrate his/her set of values, beliefs and true self, not as capability to develop an aesthetic sense. This definition has been determined based on the concept that giving full play to individuals' diverse perspectives and sensitivity generates better job performance. Human resource development initiatives to enhance our sense of beauty include workshops that use interactive art viewing. In 2017, we introduced a painting program for newly hired employees.
Through art viewing and painting to express individual images, we provide opportunities to participants of these workshops to focus on their own values, share them with other participants and learn about diverse individual values.

Next-generation leader development programs

In 2005, the POLA ORBIS Group introduced next-generation leader development programs for the purpose of creating unique leaders who will support a wide variety of brands. In 2018, the names and contents of the programs were renewed in tandem with the redefining of the Group philosophy. The programs aim to help each participant exert sensitivity as independent individuals and constantly generate change in the organization.

Next-generation leader development programs

Opportunities to demonstrate abilities as individuals

In 2017, the POLA ORBIS Group introduced an intra-group free agent system and an intrapreneurship program to support individuals' motivation and career vision. Motivated human resources are provided with opportunities to embark on new experiences.

Group's free agent system

An employee who satisfies specific conditions may apply for transfer to another Group company or section. An applicant who passes the selection process may be transferred to the target company or section based on this intra-group job change system. The system is designed to support each employee so that he/she can autonomously plan his/her own career, grow and take on challenge as a businessperson based on his/her on initiative.

In-house venture program

From more than 50 project proposals submitted to the intrapreneurship program, two projects named "Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Business aimed at women entrepreneurs" and "Business coordination that bridges traditional arts and companies" passed the final selection process and launched full-fledged activities in January 2018.
The purpose of the program is to promote the growth of the POLA ORBIS Group through new business creation and to help each employee give form to his/her sensitivity and thoughts about what he/she wants to deliver to society.