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Report on the 14th Dialogue with Stakeholders


?!Date: November 14, 2017
?!Venue: Innovation Room at the head office of POLA INC.
?!Participants: From POLA INC.:
Yoshikazu Yokote  representative director and president
Miki Oikawa  director
Seiichi Takaya  corporate officer
One more participant

Mami Taniguchi
Doctor of Business Administration and Professor of International Business, Waseda University Graduate School of Commerce
Shu Yamaguchi
senior client partner, Korn Ferry Hay Group Co., Ltd.

Stakeholders' opinions and matters they pointed out

Mami Taniguchi  Doctor of Business Administration and Professor of International Business   Waseda University Graduate School of Commerce

POLA made a switch from businesses in which quantity is pursued to businesses in which quality is pursued. At this point, the management must change from a style focusing on administration to a style focusing on reforms. I suspect that administrative position holders at the headquarters are having a hard time addressing this issue. They must have the ability to develop businesses, or the ability to observe how things are in the world, think about how to develop businesses under the changing external conditions, and consider how they can involve their subordinates in business development efforts.

Shu Yamaguchi  Senior client partner   Korn Ferry Hay Group Co., Ltd.

Just getting things done is not the way. You must build up a hypothesis and give it a try. You must verify the result and expand on the hypothesis if your attempt is successful. You must withdraw your hypothesis if the attempt doesn't go too well. You must move things around rapidly in that way. A hypothesis and its verification are necessary as a set. Experiences and studies can improve the accuracy of your hypotheses effectively. The important thing is for you to think for yourself. You must feel that you want to take more steps forward if a hypothesis that you have built in person turns out to be perfect as a result of the verification you have performed yourself. Your work must seem exciting when that happens.

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