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Report on the 16th Dialogue with Stakeholders

Date: August 21, 2019
Participants: External Participants:
Mizue Tanaka
Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement-International Director of Environment Projects, Domestic Operations Division
Kazunori Ogisu
Bright Innovation Co., Ltd. Director and Doctor of Global Environmental Studies
Participants from POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS:
Satoshi Suzuki
Representative Director and President
Naoki Kume
Director and Vice President
Akira Fujii
Facilitator Hiroko Ozawa
Japan Shareholder Services Ltd.

From the experts

  • At the POLA ORBIS Group, social contribution is more than just opening the corporate wallet. The Group strives to create value with local communities and NGOs and has been steadily involved in such activities for many years.
  • Components not listed on the balance sheet—that is, activities or efforts that drive corporate value—are the essence of ESG investment. One example is the environment. Companies that procure various things from nature to use in their products are highly appreciated for their ability to visualize the extent to which nature is decreasing and for their ability to respond to the future in advance.
  • The three major environment-related topics are climate change, plastics waste and water resources. Companies address these topics from a total-volume, mediumto-long-term, value-chain perspective. For POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS, issues of high priority from an overall value-chain perspective are the use of products, and transport and delivery. For climate change, the release of Scope 3 data makes the status clear.


  • POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS will draw on strengths and undertake ESG in ways that other companies cannot. It is important to start small and then swiftly create a model for success.
  • We cannot limit ourselves to existing business models but should look beyond them to capture possibilities for creating new business by adopting venture ideas and embracing IoT opportunities. We will explore a more open structure.
  • Our product portfolio has a number of brands, and we ponder ESG and CSR activities that utilize the unique characteristics of each brand. To start, we will emphasize efforts to instill concepts and directions taken as a corporate group into the overall Group view. In 2020, progress toward Group environmental targets will be linked to director compensation. Also, 2020 will be the year we formulate our long-term business plan, and targets will be included in corporate strategy as well.
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