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Report on the 17th Dialogue with Stakeholders

Date September 28, 2020
Participants External Participants
Riku Akimoto
Country Manager, Stylus Japan
Ryosuke Ishii
Director, ZENTech, Inc.
Participation from POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS
Satoshi Suzuki
Representative Director and President
Yoshikazu Yokote
Director and General Manager of International Business Management
Takuma Kobayashi
Representative Director and President, ORBIS Inc.
Miki Oikawa
Senior Corporate Officer
Representative Director and President, POLA INC.
Noriko Suenobu
Corporate Officer (responsible for research planning)
Director and Corporate Officer, POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, INC.
Koji Ogawa
Corporate Officer (responsible for general planning, IT and human resources)

Note: The titles of the participants reflect positions as of the date the dialogue took place.

Primary content of discussions

  • Pursue organizational and team psychological safety, addressing corporate philosophy "Sensitize the world to beauty"
    Shift to business management practices with high degree of psychological safety so that nothing interferes with free thinking, innovative research structure or awareness of need to change
  • Reshape human resources structure to realize diverse work styles, upgrade skills and raise employment competitiveness
    Design program for side jobs and moonlighting within the Group, revise personnel evaluation system and redefine competency skills
  • Shift from era of organizations to era of letting individuals and personalities shine
    Promote bottom-up culture where individuals can thrive regardless of position or job title and where all employees can show personality
  • Revise business model/channel strategy
    Revise approach for businesses where offline channel is primary customer-access route (efforts include more physical stores, where customers can experience specific brands, as well as establishment of digital transformation strategy)
  • Swiftly embrace trial-and-error method for new businesses and clarify market withdrawal and business recommitment criteria
    Create environment that supports efforts in new value creation, transcending cosmetics realm, and concurrently clarify market withdrawal criteria and deliver results with speed
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