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Stakeholder Engagement

POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS takes a robust approach to dialogue with all stakeholders. Opinions obtained this way are studied within the Group and reflected in corporate management practices.

Stakeholders Key Dialogue Opportunities Specific Actions
  • Comments from customers by phone and website
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Sales data analysis
Provide products and services whose use makes everything customers do in their lives more beautiful.
Establish framework for quickly sharing customer comments all the way up the corporate ladder to realize improvements.
Business partners
  • Procurement policy information meetings
  • Quality audits
  • CSR procurement questionnaire/audit
Work with suppliers to build a strong supply chain.
Hold direct meetings with key suppliers, strive for stable procurement and build good relationships.
Business partners
(POLA Beauty Directors)
  • Level-specific training (philosophy, products, techniques)
  • Leaders’ business meetings
  • Interviews with Grand Owners
Aim to offer a bright approach to life through POLA-related work. Toward this end, vigorously promote opinion exchange with Beauty Directors. Also put effort into explaining philosophy in addition to training related to products and service/sales techniques.
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Groupwide programs
  • Employee forums and training at each company
  • In-house intranet
The ability of each and every employee to demonstrate personality and be an active participant in the company is a building block of sustainable corporate growth. Seek to create that kind of environment and enhance the support structure.
  • General shareholders’ meetings
  • Conference presentation
  • Institutional investors’ meetings
  • Briefings for individual investors
Top management actively communicates with investors at home and abroad and makes use of requests in corporate management. For individual investors, IR seminars are organized specifically for women.
Local communities/non-governmental organizations
  • Joint activities/cooperation with local governments
  • NGO/NPO dialogues
  • Cultural and artistic activities
Demands from society, NGOs and NPOs are met sincerely, starting with high-priority issues from a business impact perspective.

Examples of improvements prompted by comments from stakeholders

"For ESG, the commitment of management is important."(HD)
Starting in 2020, environmental targets are linked to executive remuneration.
"Somewhat out of reach financially"(POLA)
Reduced the price of Wrinkle Shot Serum, effective January 2018. ¥15,000 → ¥13,500 (before tax)
"Coordinate your customer strategies for online and physical stores" (ORBIS)
In October 2017, the loyalty points program for online purchases and the program for in-store purchases were integrated.
"I'd like to go on a factory tour" (at a general meeting of shareholders)
A factory tour for shareholders was held in November 2017.

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