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Recognizing CSR Activities

The POLA ORBIS Group CSR Awards honor the efforts of groups and individuals who have been actively engaged in CSR activities on regular basis and were created to support the development of such activities.
In 2018, we received 50 nominations and handed out 1 President Award, 2 Awards for Effort, 1 Incentive Award and 2 Jury Special Awards. Also this year, we received a large number of nominations about business activities responding to social needs, and we will continue to promote the Group's sustainable growth together with all stakeholders.

FY2018 (12th) POLA ORBIS Group CSR Awards Activity Report

  Recipients Title
President Award POLA Working Beautifully Project
Award of Excellence POLA Living with Cancer: Creating a safe and open working environment for employees and beauty directors
ORBIS Revolutionizing the delivery process by reducing redelivery numbers and packing materials
Incentive Award POLA Foundation for the Promotion of Traditional Japanese Culture* Promoting culture around the world in the runup to Tokyo 2020.
Jury Special Awards POLA Chemical Industries, POLA, ORBIS, POLA ORBIS Holdings Selection of finalists for S-Booster (for new space-based businesses) contest
ACRO Increasing brand loyalty and developing makeup culture

* Encouraged the activities of foundations supported as a group.