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Culture, Art, and Design

The POLA ORBIS Group believes that art has the power to solve problems, especially in this time said to be full of VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. We will make use of our knowledge of culture, art, and design fostered over the years to create enriched society.

Together with Artists

The POLA ORBIS Group wants to create new outlooks on the world, increase its unrivaled brand value, have more people take interest in and own its products, and expand brand experiences through cooperation with artists.
Rie Omoto from ACRO's THREE and FIVEISM x THREE and RUMIKO from Amplitude offer extensive direction, from product concept to detailed colors and quality, showcasing trends and culture. POLA collaborated with flower artist Azuma Makoto on POLA B.A and Sebastian Masuda on RED B.A, projecting a new outlook on the world to society.

RIE OMOTO RUMIKO Makoto Azuma Sebastian Masuda

Showcasing Fashion Culture

Yuta Sato HIROKI

Sato Yuta, the official global makeup artists for THREE, and HIROKI, the official makeup artists for FIVEISM x THREE, supervise makeup for models backstage at the annual New York Collection fashion show. Creating an outlook on the world that the fashion brand wishes to express through the products of their respective brands, they not only bring out the model's attractiveness, but also contribute to showcasing and spreading fashion culture. Additionally, based on a desire to support fashion designers who will create a future contemporary beauty and spread this beauty globally, a THREE specialist team participates behind the scenes at fashion designers' collection presentations and runway shows.

WE ARE LOVE, Raising LGBT Awareness through Art

At the POLA MUSEUM ANNEX, we hosted the WE ARE LOVE exhibition of globally-active photographer Leslie Kee.
This exhibit displayed the SUPER LOVE series, portrays love across the globe, and the harMony SUPER LGBT WEDDING project, featuring wedding photographs of over 100 LGBT couples.
The LGBT persons featured in Leslie Kee's beautiful photos show a reality that allows the viewer to have a sense of closeness and familiarity. Following the hosting of the exhibition, gallery staff and POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS employees also took part in LGBT manner training offered by the Japan Universal Manners Association, deepening our understanding of LGBT people.

From Internal Venture to Traditional Crafts

POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS offered the essence of craftsmanship - the pride of Japan - to society as a new project, starting activities that contribute to the revitalization of regional industry.
We are engaged in activities including using crafts as products or novelties in our Group companies and cooperating corporations, introducing internships that offer craft experiences to students to help with the problem of a lack of successors facing traditional craftsmanship and supporting craftsmanship that matches modern-day lifestyles. Last year, we hosted Takumi no Mori, an exhibition of works by six masters of traditional crafts from across Japan, at the POLA MUSEUM ANNEX, widely showcasing the elaborate and overwhelming world created by the skills of these traditional craft artisans.