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Regional Revitalization

The POLA ORBIS Group makes the most of its strength in creating beauty in its business activities and the development of local societies, the foundation of people's lives. For that purpose, we create close relationships with the area, contributing through our business activities to local job creation and the growth of the culture of everyday life. We also add innovative value to the beauty of artisans, traditional techniques, and the beauty of form that has been passed down in the area and show it to the world.

Considering Local Problems from the Consumer's Viewpoint

The approximately 45,000 POLA Beauty Directors all over Japan offer beauty counseling and cosmetology services. Because these Directors work in the same area where they live, they understand local problems and expectations in detail from a consumer's viewpoint, which is connected to the proposals they give. Through offering a place to have lively experiences and a sense of community to people in the area, including work place experience and workshops for local women and children, we are contributing to local societies and bringing happiness to make people.

Working Beautifully Project

POLA is implementing the Working Beautifully Project, creating a future for local areas together with local governments, corporations, non-profit organizations, and more. Through contributing to regional revitalization, we help to spread the POLA brand and create strong points of connection with customers.

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Searching for Beauty in the Area

APEX is a POLA brand that responds to an individual's skin, offering care that matches each customer's skin, and from analyzing APEX skin check data, it was determined that there were differences in skin based on the area in which one lives. This is because the climate differs for each region and the environment in which the skin is in varies. For example, it is thought that these differences occur from the effects of UV rays and humidity that greatly vary when you compare areas in the north and south, areas facing the Pacific Ocean and those facing the Sea of Japan, and inland areas and those facing the sea.

Forecast for Beautiful Skin

Forecast for Beautiful Skin

We created the Forecast for Beautiful Skin, a beauty information site through cooperation with Japan Weather Association, an organization of weather specialists. The site offers guidance from the following month's forecast on how great dryness, blotches, wrinkles, and other skin concerns will be affected using our own algorithms, offering the necessary care for each prefecture on the website. This initiative to share suitable beauty treatments and care for each individual region rather than the country as a whole is something that only a company like POLA could do, offering skincare that matches each customer's skin. It also contributes to awareness of the POLA brand and makes customers' more likely to use our products.

Nippon Bihada-ken Grand Prix

Nippon Bihada-ken Grand Prix

It is important to know the environment that your skin is in first in order to foster the uniqueness of your skin. Wanting to create a chance for our customers to know about their skin environment, we have been announcing the Nippon Bihada-ken Grand Prix since 2012. We score a total of eight areas, including blotches, wrinkles, moisture, etc., based on over 18 million points of data* as of December 2018 collected over many years on Japanese women's skin, take the scores, and calculate and rank each of the 47 prefectures in Japan, with Shimane Prefecture being ranked 1st in the 2018 Nippon Bihada-ken Grand Prix.
We are spreading a sense of beauty through the Nippon Bihada-ken Grand Prix based on the hope that our customers will learn the importance of knowing each environment and caring for their skin accordingly.