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Improving QOL through the Latest Technology and Services -
Improving QOL through Service

At the POLA ORBIS Group, we provide our customers with tools to "change their life, making it more fun and more fulfilling." As such, we continue to develop the latest technology and services and strive to give our customers "deep emotion" beyond their expectations.

Improving QOL through Service

It is thanks to our direct selling approach that we at the POLA ORBIS Group can cherish every "meeting" with our customers, discover the beauty of their inner lives, and promptly deliver our products according to our customers' needs. This is why the Group exclusively provides services that match our customers' lifestyles, such as person-to-person and mail order selling.

POLA: Our Beauty Directors Provide the Best in Service


POLA has about 46,000 Beauty Directors across Japan who provide each of our customers with "counseling" and "beauty treatment" to achieve optimal beauty.
In order to enhance the value we provide to our customers, we change the name from "POLA Ladies" to "Beauty Directors." By improving our sales quality, we want them to feel the excitement of personal growth. As such, we are devising a system for achieving continuously high customer service quality by teaching the staff about our principles and improving their customer interaction skills. In 2015, we established the Beauty Academy, where the basics of being a Beauty Director are taught. In 2016, we introduced Top-Quality Training nationwide to train professionals.
POLA provides counseling that utilizes about 17.5 million skin data cases, treatment using dedicated beauty products drawing on the latest research, and cosmetics that suit each customer's skin. Our full-time Beauty Directors provide the best in service and support the beauty of each and every one of customers in the long run.

ORBIS: Communication for the Sake of Each and Every Customer

The standard at ORBIS is direct selling as it allows us to build closer relationships with each and every one of our customers. We have a number of communication spaces for constant contact with our customers, including our catalog, the online shop, and ORBIS THE SHOP. Through these, we collect feedback and requests directly from our customers. In this way, we are creating printed and online material that conveys our messages to customers, create services and products based on customer feedback, and design our stores.
In 2017, we enhanced convenience to match changes in customer purchase channels by making it possible to reissue bank transfer forms, issue receipts, as well as return or exchange products through the online shop. In terms of digital communication, we are improving the "One to One Communication" (a function for sending customers personalized messages, a well-developed personal account page, etc.) in our online shop. We have also developed the ORBIS App to help us connect even better with our customers as users are shifting to smartphone usage. We made points useable both online and in physical stores as well as made it possible for customers to seamlessly check their points in the app. We also introduced a chatbot for a stress-free shopping experience and are trying to find new patterns of friendly communication by making our mascot a navigation guide. We will continue to pursue more convenience for and deeper communication with each and every one of our customers.

ORBIS: Enhancing Our Delivery Services to Meet Social and Environmental Change

ORBIS East Japan Distribution Center

ORBIS East Japan Distribution Center

Since February 2012, ORBIS has started operations of ORBIS West Japan Distribution Center (Nishinomiya, Hyogo), our first logistics base in West Japan, putting IT and digital technologies to effective use. We also consolidated our three distribution centers in the Kanto region into the ORBIS East Japan Distribution Center (Kazo, Saitama). This east-west two-location structure allows us to make next-day deliveries across Japan, trace orders, cut logistics costs, and reduce risk in case of a disaster.
Moreover, we are working together with the delivery companies to provide a new service that lets "customers pick up their orders at the convenience store of their choice" to meet the needs of those who cannot receive their orders at home and to accommodate people's diverse lifestyles. We are enhancing the convenience of our online shopping to make it easily available also to women living by themselves and those who work until late as well as to further reduce the need for redelivery, which has become a social issue.

Improving QOL

POLA: A Support Program for "Living with Cancer"

In April 2018, POLA launched a support program for "living with cancer" aimed at our employees and their families as well as about 46,000 Beauty Directors. In Japan today, it is said that one in two will develop cancer. If we consider the need for support from family and friends, it is a disease that everyone will have to face. At POLA, we face "living with cancer" head-on, building a culture that acknowledges each person's unique value and implementing a range of programs.

POLA: "My Life Starts Now"

As part of our new branding strategy, POLA holds recruitment fora as well as has broadcasted a recruitment commercial with the slogan "My life starts now" to cheer on the women pioneering the future of Japanese society.

POLA: "You Are Someone's Courage"

As women have been playing more active roles, the concept of "beauty" is changing as well. In recent years, we have gone beyond skin, hair, and other forms of "external beauty" as well as "internal beauty" that cherishes our emotions as persons. Going beyond the sphere of the self, we are acknowledging our impact on other people, on our surroundings, and on society as a beauty factor.
It is the kind of charm that has a positive impact on your surroundings, brightening things up, stimulating new discoveries, and creating opportunities to move forward. You yourself are shining and positively influence your surroundings, giving rise to new value. POLA is certain that we live in a time when such a person is "beautiful."
V Resonatic Cream, which went on sale in October 2017 in pursuit of new cosmetic value, was launched with the brand message "You are someone's courage" to express that it does not simply bring users confidence by making their skin beautiful, but enables users to positively influence their surroundings, create new opportunities for them and give them the courage to take a step forward. It encapsulates our wish to expand the future potential of women as much as we possibly can.