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Sustainability Statement

We, the POLA ORBIS Group, contribute to the sustainability of society through our business activities, in accordance with the following statement and with the cooperation of all our stakeholders.

Sustainability Statement

The sustainability activities of the POLA ORBIS Group are organized under the following three themes.

The sustainability activities of the POLA ORBIS Group are organized under the following three themes.

The Policy Formulation Process for Our Sustainability Activities

Sustainability KPI

We have set KPI targets to be achieved by 2029 for the three axes for our sustainability activities as well as the development of human resources who will carry out these activities.
Our aim is to create an upward spiral for our activities to realize the Group's principles and to increase our corporate value.

Human resources

People are the most important

We believe that people are our most important asset. In an era characterized by intense change, a desire to embrace reforms is essential. This attitude encourages us to constantly question the status quo, stimulates our collective curiosity, and fuels our pursuit of something new. It matches our definition of bi-ishiki [sense of esthetics].

Business Innovation Academy

The President of POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS personally nurtures employees to implement reforms and applies the results to business.

MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index

POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS is a company in which women can play active roles in business, as demonstrated by the Company's inclusion in the MSCI Japan Empower Women Index in 2017.

Nikkei Woman's Woman of the Year 2018 Grand Prize

The Woman of the Year 2018 Grand Prize recognized the efforts of a women in acquiring approval for NEI-L1*, the first quasi-drug component to "improve wrinkles" in Japan. We have a corporate culture that allows a great number of women to take on leadership positions, regardless of gender.

* Neutrophil Elastase Inhibitor License 1
[Active ingredient:Sodium [[trifluoroisopropyl-oxopropyl] aminocarbonyl] pyrrolidinyl] carbonyl] -methylpropyl] aminocarbonyl] benzoylamino] acetate]

- Number of executives completing the Business Innovation Academy course / total number of executives in the Group
- Percentage of women in management positions

We actively hire women and provide an environment in which they can thrive. Every year, we hold the Business Innovation Academy with input from the President of POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS. The classes help hone the leadership ability to implement reforms and to promote personal growth, thereby cultivating reformative leaders.

QOL improvement through innovative technology services

Six-time recipient of the IFSCC* top award

We concentrate our resources on skincare in our R&D activities. We actively present at domestic academic gatherings and have received the IFSCC top award on a total of six occasions, including mid-term conferences. We are conducting research and commercializing results to achieve not only skin benefits but aspects like stress relief and interpersonal effects as well.

* IFSCC (Internal Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists) is an international academic society that seeks to develop cosmetics technologies globally and promate dialogue among engineers and researchers in the field of cosmetics.

Cutting-edge skin science research

We established the Multiple Intelligence Research Center and the Frontier Research Center in 2018. These centers will strengthen our efforts to research new possibilities for cosmetics, going beyond skin-related applications. We will also consider new value-generating solutions not limited to cosmetics.

Initiatives for expressing individuality and creating new value

We believe that new value can be created by accepting each other and by helping each other improve. We seek to create a corporate culture that supports people who live life true to themselves, even if they fall ill or must care for family members. Our corporate culture sees each person as a unique individual. This is something we want society to emulate as well.

- Number of domestic and overseas research awards received

- Number of researchers in cutting-edge skin research

- Return-to-work rate for cancer survivors

- We will increase R&D expenditure by 20-30% by 2020 as well as increase the number of researchers by 20, creating a total of 120.

- In Japan, one in two people is at risk of developing cancer and we are entering an age of "living together with cancer." We will offer various work programs, including a treatment support system and a remote work option, so that employees undergoing treatment can keep working without worrying.

Regional revitalization

Providing work opportunities for women

The first POLA LADIES debuted in 1937. Since then, POLA has believed in the abilities and potential of women, providing work opportunities for those willing to move forward. Currently, there are 46,000 Beauty Directors across Japan.

Growth model for women leaders

The Beauty Director's initial job is to make beautify our customers by offering consultancy and advice. Later, the scope of responsibility expands to management, allowing these women to discover new value. They become leaders who head their own business networks, not only realizing personal goals but also growing into women indispensable to society. By conveying the brand value of POLA, our Beauty Directors build a wider customer base and expand business.

A comprehensive partnership agreement

In November 2017, POLA signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Akita Prefecture, who are dealing with a declining population, and has become involved in several projects, including work to give form to the concept of Bi-no-kuni Akita and makeup classes for job-searching women. This increased POLA's reputation and we expect that this will eventually translate into corporate growth as well.

-Number of regional start-up owners*

*Shop owners with at least ¥5 million in monthly sales

-Number of joint projects with local governments

We train female leaders who promote POLA's value creation in the regions and contribute to society. We are confident that women who resonate with the value provided by POLA as they develop their businesses help create employment opportunities and revitalize regional economies, developing in cooperation with their local communities.

Culture, arts, design

Cosmetics as a cultural product

The cosmetics of the POLA ORBIS Group are cultural products premised on functionality that can appeal to the five senses through packaging and other design elements. By providing cosmetics in artistic packaging, difficult to find elsewhere, we pique curiosity and provide inspiration. We are confident that the distinctiveness and originality inherent in art give our products a competitive edge.

Art workshops

We integrate art into employee training to foster employees who value individuality and sensitivity. Art appreciation and painting sessions are opportunities for recognizing one's own values as well as coming in contact with the diverse values of colleagues. Art is interpreted differently by each and every one. The workshops aim to spotlight personal values and to help participants discover their inner voices.

- Number of joint projects with artists

- Number of participants in art workshops

We are adding more opportunities for employees to experience art to encourage them to draw on and mobilize their individuality and sensitivity. Our fostering of deeply sensitive human resources will enhance our ability to enrich the lives of our customers through our products and services. This is why we work together with artists as well.