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Sensitize the world to beauty. Representative Director and President Satoshi Suzuki

The POLA ORBIS Group is a corporate group primarily devoted to cosmetics, structured around multiple brands that each have rich individuality.

"For the joy of giving joy" - This year, we are celebrating the 90th anniversary of POLA, which was founded in 1929.
Since our founding, we have continued to serve our customers by working close to them, offering products and services that are suited to the times. Now we have a range of brands with strong and distinctive value, including POLA and ORBIS as the two flagship brands, THREE, Amplitude, FIVEISM×THREE, ITRIM, which is a department store brand, and DECENCIA, a brand dedicated to sensitive skin, as well as the overseas brands of Jurlique and H2O PLUS.
With these brands, we operate in Japan, Asia and other countries around the world by offering products in an array of price ranges through diverse sales channels.

In fiscal 2020 (the year ended December 31, 2020), the Japanese cosmetics market saw a significant drop in consumer activity at actual stores due to store closures and calls for self-restraint in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Under these challenging domestic business conditions, the Group has achieved major growth in domestic online sales by accelerating the online sale of POLA and other developing brands. Overseas, meanwhile, demand in the Chinese market recovered at an early stage, and the Group was able to achieve significant overseas business growth. Under our new medium-term management plan, we have positioned the period from 2021 onward as a period for achieving sustainable growth while solidifying our immediate business base, with overseas and online business as growth drivers.

In addition, while trends in the global economy remain unpredictable, we believe that the establishment of new lifestyles and changes in consumer purchasing behavior will continue to progress, without reverting to their previous state. To overcome this challenging period, it will be crucial to make efforts to apply digital technologies, offer new products and services to meet the new needs of consumers, and develop new business domains. Moving forward, we will focus our energies on tackling these issues.

Furthermore, at the Multiple Intelligence Research Center (MIRC), which has overall control of research projects implemented at the POLA ORBIS Group, we will continue to strengthen our platform for research conducted beyond the boundary of cosmetics, which serves as the growth engine for our long-term development. In doing so, we will achieve our goal of being a highly profitable global company in the areas of beauty and health, as you expect of us.

Sensitize the world to beauty

At the POLA ORBIS Group, we have set “Sensitize the world to beauty” as our mission ahead of our 100th anniversary in 2029. Based on this mission, we will strive to achieve our vision, namely, “To maximize the unique character of each brand, and become a global corporate group that enriches the lives of people around the world.”
We will continue to make innovations happen as a corporate group that gives people opportunities to change their lives by inspiring them through the provision of unique value -- including diverse experiences, information, culture, and art -- in addition to offering cosmetic products and services.

Representative Director and President  Satoshi Suzuki