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Top Message

Sensitize the world to beauty. Representative Director and President Satoshi Suzuki

The POLA ORBIS Group is a corporate group primarily devoted to cosmetics, structured around multiple brands that each have rich individuality.

"For the joy of giving joy" - Since the establishment of POLA in 1929, we have continually been listening to and serving our customers, and so have presented products and services that are suited to the times. We now have brands with strong and distinctive value: two basic brands "POLA" and "ORBIS," and also the department store brand "THREE", the special brand for sensitive skin "DECENCIA," and the overseas brands "Jurlique" and "H2O PLUS". We have deployed a variety of product brands, sales channels, and price bands in Japan, Asia, and all over the world.

In 2017 when we started our new medium term management plan designed to attain our long term vision, we launched the first quasi-drug cosmetics product for wrinkle improvement approved in Japan under the POLA brand. It has enjoyed popularity that surpassed our expectations and has greatly raised our overall sales. Also, our brands “THREE” and “DECENCIA” continued to perform favorably. We thus achieved growth in both sales and operating income for the 8th consecutive year on a consolidated basis. In particular, POLA’s quasi-drug cosmetics product for wrinkle improvement “Wrinkle Shot Serum” has gained many faithful customers, and cross selling of other products such as the B.A series has been effective. In this way, we have been able to create new ties with our customers. “Wrinkle Shot Serum” has opened up the new quasi-drug cosmetic market of wrinkle improvement, and many persons involved in this market have praised both this product and the people involved in its research and development.
In fiscal 2018 we shall continue to take advantage of what we see to be strengths of the POLA ORBIS Group: “High brand loyalty through direct ties with our customers”, “R&D capability in the skin care area through concentration of our resources” and “Our multi-value chain strategy exploiting strong synergistic effects of our brands upon each other,” in order to achieve stable domestic growth, make investments to establish new brands for the next generation of cosmetics, and accelerate development of business overseas. Further, starting this January, the control of research done throughout our Group has been concentrated in this Company’s “MIRC” (Multiple Intelligence Research Center). We thus are strengthening our research platform so that it will be a growth-propelling engine enabling long term development beyond the range of cosmetics. We shall become the high-profit global business in the areas of beauty and health that you all expect of us.

Sensitize the world to beauty

With the 100th anniversary of the POLA ORBIS Group coming up in 2029, we have made it our Mission to “Sensitize the world to beauty”. To accomplish this, we are striving to realize our corporate Vision in which we “maximize the unique character of each brand, and become a global corporate group that enriches the lives of people around the world.”
In addition to cosmetic products and services, we shall make available a wide assortment of experiences, information, culture, art, etc. that express original values, thus providing stimuli to people’s sensibilities that can change their lives. To bring about such changes, the Group shall continue to transform itself.

Representative Director and President  Satoshi Suzuki