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Sensitize the world to beauty. Representative Director and President Satoshi Suzuki

The POLA ORBIS Group is a corporate group primarily devoted to cosmetics, structured around multiple brands that each have rich individuality.

"For the joy of giving joy" - Since POLA’s founding from 1929, we have continued to serve our customers by working close to them, offering products and services that are suited to the times.
Now we have a range of brands with strong and distinctive value, including POLA and ORBIS as the two flagship brands, THREE, Amplitude, FIVEISM×THREE, ITRIM, which is a department store brand, DECENCIA, a brand dedicated to sensitive skin, and FUJIMI, a personalized beauty care brand as well as the overseas brands of Jurlique and H2O PLUS. With these brands, we operate in Japan, Asia and other countries around the world by offering products in an array of price ranges through diverse sales channels.

In fiscal 2021 (the year ended December 31, 2021), the Japanese cosmetics market saw a continuous decline in consumer activity at actual stores due to store closures and calls for self-restraint in going out in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the lifting of the state of emergency, there have been signs of a gradual recovery and a turn for the better compared with the previous fiscal year. However, the market has not yet returned to the level it was at prior to the pandemic.
Under this market environment, we have developed and have been working on key themes: (1) Evolve domestic direct selling, (2) Grow overseas businesses profitably, (3) Profit contribution from brands under development, (4) Strengthen operations, and (5) Expand new brands and domains of “beauty,” under the medium-term management plan launched in 2021.
In the Group’s flagship brand POLA, the use of the OMO (Online Merges with Offline) platform has been promoted in response to changes in the market environment and consumers’ buying behavior.

With the growth of the domestic e-commerce business, including brands under development, the business structure is improving.
Moreover, in our overseas business, which will drive future growth, demand in our key Chinese market has recovered and achieved a high growth rate, attributable to marketing investment focusing not only on the increase of numbers of stores, online channels, etc. but also on branding.

In addition, while trends in the global economy remain unpredictable, we believe that the establishment of new lifestyles and changes in consumer purchasing behavior will continue to progress, without reverting to their previous state. To overcome this challenging period, it will be crucial to make efforts to apply digital technologies, offer new products and services to meet the new needs of consumers, and develop new business domains. Moving forward, we will focus our energies on tackling these issues.

New Long-term Management Plan VISION 2029 has been formulated

The POLA ORBIS Group announced a long-term management plan, which is designed to take the Group to its 100th anniversary in 2029. While working toward achieving the priority targets for 2023 under the current medium-term management plan, we strive to forge “a collection of unique businesses that respond to diversifying values of ‘beauty,’” which we aspire to achieve in 2029. Under the long-term management plan, we will upgrade and expand our business portfolio to incorporate a wider concept that comprises physical and mental well-being, happiness, and harmony with society, in addition to the provision of value centering on cosmetics, with the aim to grow our business in a sustainable manner in and outside Japan.

Based on the mission, “Sensitize the world to beauty”, we will strive to achieve our vision, namely, “To maximize the unique character of each brand, and become a global corporate group that enriches the lives of people around the world.”

Representative Director and President  Satoshi Suzuki