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Distinctive Brands

POLA High-prestige products underpinned by leading-edge technology, primarily for the continually evolving door-to-door sales channels

Through all of our fine products, you can experience the scientifically proven comfort that the Orbis brand provides.

Distinctive Product Series

Emphasis on high-prestige market Strengths built on leading-edge technology in the fields of anti-aging and skin-brightening

Pinnacle series B.A focuses on "Versican" involved in the mechanism of skin generation.

WHITE SHOT series features the effective skin-brightening ingredient RucinolR, developed in-house

We strive to develop skin-care products that provide you with a moisturizing environment that maximizes the power of your skin.

The ORBIS U series is an aging skin-care series that focuses on activating the moisturizing environment of the skin cells to bring out the natural power of the skin.

Infused with the leading-edge technology, CLEAR series responds to acne troubles.


Consulting, beauty advice, and esthetic treatments

Consulting and beauty advice tailored to each customer

Esthetic treatments that bring a glow to the skin, promote better circulation, and rejuvenate the body and mind

ORBIS's own

Next-day in the shortest delivery nationwide even for one item

Free returns and exchanges within 30 days of order, even if products have been opened

Sales Channels

POLA is expanding through POLA THE BEAUTY stores and door-to-door sales, operated by approximately 3,800 shops and 35,000 POLA Beauty directors. The brand is also growing its presence in department stores.


Department store outlets

ORBIS is growing through mail-order sales including online and catalog. The brand also operates retail stores throughout Japan.

Seven ways to order, including phone-in to toll-free numbers and online

Directly Managed Stores

Overseas Expansion

Bringing unique POLA high quality hospitality to the world

Store in Harvey Nichols Pacific Place, Hong Kong

Store in iapm mall, Shanghai

Utilizing its own direct-marketing know-how, ORBIS is focusing its business expansion efforts on Asia, particularly China and Taiwan.

Store in Zhongshan district of Taipei, Taiwan

ORBIS website in Chinese for local market

Brand Portfolio

Business Segments