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Business Segments

Beauty Care Business

With POLA INC. and ORBIS Inc. in the forefront, we are actively developing business related to beauty and health.
In order to help women with different values and lifestyles achieve "beauty," we positively incorporate customers' views and carry out a multi-brand strategy that demonstrates on the uniqueness of each Group company's products and services.

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Resourceful development of unique specialty stores which have evolved from the traditional door-to-door sales approach that POLA has nurtured since its establishment

Targeting mainly the high-prestige market, POLA provides high-value-added cosmetic products and services backed by science through a nationwide network of more than 35,000 highly skilled POLA Beauty directors.
Among skincare products, the anti-aging skincare series B.A, which boasts annual sales of around ¥40 billion and reflects POLA's particular expertise in the fields of anti-aging and skin-brightening, has been well received by many customers.
Since its early days, POLA has developed business activities based on door-to-door sales. This format has evolved considerably in recent years, highlighted by expansion of the POLA THE BEAUTY stores, integrating the three areas of cosmetics, consulting, and esthetic treatments.
In addition, POLA has opened more locations inside department stores, established a commercial presence at such venues as top-tier hotels and leisure facilities, and has entered overseas markets, including China.

As a symbol of high-prestige, POLA's flagship series, B.A, features the ultimate in high-quality sensation and sensitivity.

Esthetic treatments boost good circulation in the skin, the mind, and the body. POLA operates esthetic salons nationawide.

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Through all of our fine products, you can experience the scientifically proven comfort that the Orbis brand provides.

Developed for the easy to buy middle-price market, our products are designed under the original concept of bringing out a woman’s true beauty. We at Orbis focus on skin-care products that provide you with a moisturizing environment that maximizes the power and beauty of your skin. Orbis has successfully gained a wide customer base due to the fact that the interactions between our brand and our customers and the very comfort we provide are supported by science.
ORBIS-brand products are available by mail-order, using the company's online shopping site or catalogs, and also through retail outlets, including directly operated stores in train station buildings and other commercial facilities. Well-executed services, such as free returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase and next-day in the shortest delivery nationwide, have been recognized with many awards.
Internationally, we have been focusing on China and Taiwan in recent years.

ORBIS anti-aging skin care series, "ORBIS U".

In addition to mail-order sales, ORBIS has more than 100 directly operated stores nationwide.

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World-Class R&D Capabilities

POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, INC. is responsible for research and development and manufacturing operations for the POLA ORBIS Group.
In R&D activities, the company gives priority to skincare, particularly the fields of anti-aging and skin-brightening, and its capabilities have earned high praise within the industry. This status is substantiated by a total of eight awards, including five in the highest category in the highest category, at the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) Congress.
In manufacturing activities, POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES adheres to meticulous quality control that assures customers of high-quality products they can use with peace of mind. The company demonstrated its commitment to international standards of quality by obtaining ISO9001 certification in 1998 and received ISO14001 certification in 2000 for its environmental management system.

Winner of the highest award in the basic research category at the 2014 IFSCC Congress in Paris, France.

The Fukuroi plant manufactures cosmetics for Group companies such as POLA INC., ORBIS Inc., and pdc, INC.

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Jurlique GROUP

A brand born in Australia, deals with skin care and body care made of natural organic origin ingredients

Through the techniques of biodynamic farming, Jurlique from Australia has been an industry leader-optimizing the potency of the plants grown for the most effective results on skin.
Our formulas are complimented with the finest, most potent, biodynamic, organics and natural ingredients sourced the world over-ingredients which meet Jurlique's exacting standards.
We sell premium skincare products in 20 countries such as Australia, Asian countries, US and European countries.

Cultivates the ingredients in its own farm in Adelaide, Australia

"Purely White" skincare line made with vital plants and herbs

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Skincare with concept of innovation and power of pure water

For over 30 years, H2O+ from the U.S. has been the hydration authority known for delivering real results. The products have been developed based on the concepts of "power of water" and "innovation". Today, H2O+ takes consumers Beyond Hydration with Japan designed skincare meticulously formulated with clean, effective ingredients that are ethically sourced and made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind.

Developed in partnership with POLA R&M, the clinically proven Hydration Oasis Collection locks in moisture to help skin resiliency with a powerful clean formula and Skin Boost Technology.

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Skincare products specializing in Sensitive Skin

DECENCIA is the cosmetic brand specializing in sensitive skin and developing through EC as a main channel. For modern women troubled with sensitive skin, DECENCIA develops original products using the patent technology “Vitacycleveil”.

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Having philosophy of "creating beauty of the times", challenging the creation of global brands from Japan

Developed a lifestyle cosmetics brand "THREE" consisting of natural skin care and mode makeup globally, mainly in department stores and directly-operated stores. From the autumn of 2018, ACRO INC. have expanded its brand portfolio into 4 brands with the addition of the high prestige makeup brand "Amplitude", the premium organic skincare brand "ITRIM" and the men's cosmetics brand "FIVEISM × THREE".

tricot, Inc.
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tricot, Inc.

Personalized beauty care brand that mainly develops EC

tricot, Inc. provides personalized beauty care FUJIMI that personalizes each customer from beauty analysis. The first personalized supplement was released in March 2019, and the second personalized face mask was released in February 2020. Under the brand concept of "Love me more with my own beauty," we will bring out the original beauty of our customers through FUJIMI and deliver a strong and supple "my own beauty" that will not lose to trouble.

Real Estate

P.O. real estate


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Attractive, Comfortable Rental Office Buildings

As the POLA ORBIS Group's real estate operating company, P.O. REAL ESTATE INC. offers rental office buildings mostly in Tokyo, including Aoyama and Shibuya.
We aim to create a chain of exciting encounter and moving experience for the future through our business.

The POLA Aoyama Building, a 3-minute walk from Aoyama-icchome station.


P.O. techno service
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Business Activities Centering on Building Maintenance

P.O. TECHNO SERVICE INC. is engaged in building maintenance, security, facility renovation, and comprehensive staffing services.
It is dedicated to providing high-quality service based on ISO9001 standards, with the goal of being a company that will continually be chosen by customers.

Distinctive Brands

Overseas Expansion