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High brand loyalty through direct ties with customers

For POLA and ORBIS, the flagship brands of the POLA ORBIS Group, a close relationship is established with customers to sell products. This allows the companies to collect customer information and manage the data in-house.
Through recommendations on products matched to season, invitations to events, and other opportunities for contact with customers, each company strives to enhance the customer-brand relationship.

Merits of Direct Selling

Direct Selling by POLA Creating Stronger Bonds with Customers

POLA draws on Beauty Directors to deepen relationships with costomers through face-to-face meetings and consultation opportunities. Beauty Directors provide more than just products. They strive to create experiences that elicit a positive feeling and build relationships that bring out the best in themselves and their customers.

Direct Selling by ORBIS Fostering a Higher Level of Customer Satisfaction

ORBIS, while focused on mail-order sales, reinforces its connection to customers through one-to-one communication over the Internet. As a result, the company can gather customers responses in real time. The allows ORBIS to anticipate and provide information and products matched to the different purchasing cycles of each customer, an approach that consistently earns high marks on the Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index, compiled by Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth.

Source of Strengths

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