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POLA THE BEAUTY—Evolution in Door-to-Door Sales


POLA THE BEAUTY is a network of roadside stores that fuse cosmetic sales and full-service esthetic treatments and consulting. These stores not only offer access to a complete menu of POLA-brand services, from esthetic treatments to product sales, but also, because of their favorable locations on main streets in urban areas, they raise brand profile among customers.


New Sales Style Geared to Changing Customer Lifestyles

The door-to-door sales business accounts for about 95% of POLA's sales. The format has evolved considerably, paralleling changes in women's lifestyles and changes in society.
The environment for door-to-door sales is much different than it was, exemplified by a drop in the number of stay-at-home women, as more women work outside the home. To address this situation, POLA debuted Esthe Inn in the early 2000s to promote esthetic services along with products. In 2005, the company opened its first POLA THE BEAUTY store, which took this approach to customer relations to a whole new level.
By developing the POLA THE BEAUTY network, POLA successfully created an environment that draws customers inside and also raises the effectiveness of public relations aimed at new customers. The door-to-door sales business, which established POLA THE BEAUTY as a new sales style, has grown by leaps and bounds by changing with the times and knowing what customers need. Going forward, the company will continue to seek wider market share.

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