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Value Creation through Research

Value Creation through Research

We take creative and color-rich ideas born from "deft sensitivity" to present our customers with ways to "change your life, making it more fun and more fulfilling." It is for this purpose that we are conducting research using the latest technology.

A Sustainable Research Organization

The POLA ORBIS Group creates new value through research without limiting ourselves to cosmetics.
We have consolidated the Group's overall research supervisory functions to the Multiple Intelligence Research Center at POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS. Based on the strategy decided there, research is conducted at the Frontier Research Center at POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, creating solutions for new and existing businesses. In terms of cosmetics development, we prioritize high added-value and run development with a focus on speed and planning.

[Research supervision] The Multiple Intelligence Research Center

[Research supervision] The Multiple Intelligence Research Center

[Basic research] The Frontier Research Center

[Basic research] The Frontier Research Center

[Cosmetics development]


Noriko Suenobu
Corporate Officer, POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS
Manager of the Group Research and Pharmaceutical Center

We want to continue to provide new value

Recently, POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS established the Multiple Intelligence Research Center (MIRC for short) as an institution bringing together functions for supervising Group research and for gathering the latest information.
From here on, we will be formulating the research strategy of POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES from a long-term perspective to maximize the value of our research results and contribute to Group growth. Moreover, we will be having dedicated staff (we call them roaming researchers) gathering information from all over the world and managing the introduction of the latest technology for the sake of promoting innovation and new technology alliances.
They will not only be gathering information about upcoming AI, bio-, and digital technology, but will also pay attention to the cultures, societies, and environments that make up the context of the rise of such technology.
For example, we may study the lifestyles of people in various regions in depth to explore their way of life, emotions, and esthetic sense. Based on that information, we will formulate a long-term research strategy and work to generate innovative value.

Moreover, in the past, POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES housed both basic and development research (research for commercializing products), but we are now making the basic research more independent by moving it to the Frontier Research Center to enhance it.
The center will conduct research in collaboration with MIRC to pioneer new areas of skin science that can change social values as well as work to produce new functional materials and other results in the medium- to long-term. We plan to increase the number of research staff by half by 2020.
One customer who had tried our Wrinkle Shot Serum commented that, "When the wrinkles get better, I feel my mind brighten up and become more energetic, wanting to dress up and go out." This really made me feel that cosmetics affects not only the skin but that person's life as a whole, and it would be no exaggeration to say that the happiness of each individual has the power to change society. This experience also shows that our final goal is not just skin improvement, but it is to provide value that can add color to the beautiful lives of our customers.

As such, we will be greatly expanding our research field by shifting from our past research focus on beautifying the skin to conducting research for creating things and services that can help people get to know themselves as they live their beautiful lives. We identified three categories as part of our multifaceted research approach to help people know their complicated selves more deeply and with a greater sense of reality.
Firstly, we will pursue what is happening inside of us through the further development of science and technology. To do this, we identified a Science category to strengthen our conventional core technology of dermatological research.
Moreover, when defining yourself, there is a method for objectively knowing yourself by your relation to the outside world. This is about research the mutual relationship between yourself and your environment and surrounding by utilizing high-performance new dosage forms and digital technology. We identified this as the Communication category. For example, we have previously taken the approach of thinking about what to do not to pollute the environment, but now we want to create things that have high added value, leaving a plus by perhaps cleaning the air.
Lastly, we identified the Life category for understanding yourself as you undergo changes over time, such as shifting emotions and changes in your daily life. In the past, we conducted research to benefit the skin, but now we want to enrich life through the skin.
For our commercial development, we will be developing products with a focus on high added value as well as make efforts to improve linkages with Group companies and to supply our customers with new technology as quickly as possible.

Today's society is witnessing the diversification of values and lifestyles, medical progress, and the evolution of AI, IoT, and other technologies happening at bewildering speed. In order to achieve our aim of "building beautiful lives," we need broader knowledge and research. We will be investing more into research, increasing our number of research staff, and reforming our organization to yield results quicker and more densely. Our hope is that we can be a maker of things that continuously provides new values, also as we conduct collaborative development with external organizations.

Research results

Awards at research conferences, etc.

  • IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists) awards

  • 1986  Merit award
  • 1994  Top award
  • 1996  Merit award
  • 1998  Top award
  • 2008  Top award (Basic Research Presentation)
  • 2012  Top award (Poster)
  • 2014  Top award (Basic Research Presentation)
  • 2015  Mid-term Conference Top award (Presentation)
  • Non-IFSCC awards (selection)

  • 2017  SCCJ Top Paper Award
  • 2013  Japanese Psychological Association Presentation Merit Award
  • 2012  PanAmerican Society of Pigment Cell Research (PASPCR) Poster Award
  • 1998  Cosmetics & Toiletries Top Paper Award
  • 1991  Japan Oil Chemists' Society Industrial Technology Award
  • And many others
2014 IFSCC Top Award (Basic Research Presentation)

2014 IFSCC Top Award (Basic Research Presentation)

Innovative development

Innovative development

For customer safety and peace of mind

POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS does not cut corners when it comes to product safety. To provide our customers with safe, reliable, and stable quality that lasts until the final drop, our production adheres to cosmetics GMP. We also institute meticulous quality assurance controls in accordance with global standards for the entire process from research, development, commercial application, production, and shipment until the product reaches the customer's hand.

Cosmetics Production Locations


Fukuroi Plant*ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification
(Produces skincare products for Japanese brands)
(Produces OEM products)


Jurlique's Natural Beauty Plant
(Product manufacturing at Jurlique)